Maruti Suzuki Baleno Delta CVT: Test Drive

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Jul 10, 2017

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Delta
CVT Transmission
82bhp@6000 1.2l VVT
Power/weight ratio: 90bhp
Company Claimed Mileage : 19.56km/l
Mileage by MilesbyAV : 22.2km/l
  • CVT GEARBOX is Effortless and Smooth.
  • Creep function is highly useful in Traffic Jams and Toll queues.
  • Free flowing engine revs to redline smoothly
  • Smoother operation of the CVT irrespective of the driving conditions.
  • Not for sportier driving experience.
  • Spacious, the R&D team has designed it very thoughtfully and there is ample space for rear passengers & front passengers.
  • Reliable ASS
  • Comfortable
  • LED Headlights are very effective, the lights throw is more accurate and doesn't scatter like HID LIGHTS of previous version,though I feel Low beam throw should have been 3-5ft longer.
  • Very useful feature: The key doesn't comes out until it's on 'P' Mode
  • To prevent overheating, shift to Neutral and pull the handbrake on Signals or if you are stopping for a longer time, this not only prevents Overheating but also saves fuel as the engine is still moving in creep mode, it also saves the excessive pressure on the brake pads too.
  • Don't do hard acceleration in a CVT, because that's when you will realize the slightest rubber band effect and also reducing the fuel efficiency hugely.
  • Must buy a CVT than a regular MT, paying the difference is worth the money

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