Maruti Baleno RS DI Engine Injector & Throttle Cleaning

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Oct 18, 2019
Dear Experts & Fellow Members,
During this lock down period I am trying to give service to my 2 & half years old Baleno RS. ASS told me that there are injector cleaner additives for Booster jet engines and they can not be cleaned with normal injector cleaning process. I used "Abro IC-509 Petrol Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner " but I could empty the tank with it and refilled the tank after half. Initially I was getting near about 19km/l, which reduced to 16.5km/l. But after adding the additive I started getting 18km/l but had to refill the tank and it is again giving almost 16km/l. Now I would like to clean the injector along with carbon deposit manually before applying the ASS suggested additive (approx Rs. 2000).
My question is will it be done and can it be a DIY ?

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