Maruti Alto LXi: Long Term Ownership Report

Feb 19, 2013
Re: Alto Lxi: 3 yrs Ownership report (Updated)

Your ride looks awesome on those alloys - Thanks [:)]

I have two queries and I hope that you will shed some light on them.

1. Did you add any spacers for installation of those plati alloys? As I too had upgraded to plati alloys, but different model, and these were scraping my wheel arches and hence I removed them and back on stock rims.

> No, I did not add any spacers when switching over to alloys. I stuck to the standard 12 inch rim size and haven faced any scrapping even with 5 people on board. Which rim size did you opt for?

2. This is regarding fog lamps. Did you change the front bumper for installation of fog lamps, as the MASS service advisor told me that they have to cut the space for the installation of fog lamps.

> Mine is a 2008 model which had a fog lamp slot in the bumper. So I had to just remove the fibre piece and install the lamp
Where is your fog lamp switch located ? The OE maruti switch which comes next to the hazard warning light switch which is given by maruti or is it installed somewhere ?

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