Mahindra's Rodeo and Duro

Jul 4, 2014
Re: Mahindra Rodeo RZ reviews needed!

Hey Folks!
I am in dilemma to buy Mahindra Rodeo RZ.
I need some reviews. I have already read the motorbeam road test.
I need some more reviews by you.
Thanks in Advance!
If you are looking for something fast and quick , Rodeo is the one to go for in its category. I got to use my cousin's for a while and was blown away with its pick up and easy handling in city traffic. Also noticed that reaching 90kmph with a rider was easier!! [surprise] But the one i rode was a first gen vehicle and i did face the low ground clearance issues. That was something really annoying.[frustration] but guess thats been taken care of in the recent version. And i guess it costs lesser compared to most others in its category. So if you are looking for outright performance Rodeo wont disappoint you.

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