Mahindra XUV500 W6 6-Years Ownership Review

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Jan 12, 2021
Hi All,

So this is my first review on this forum after my membership.
With the launch of new XUV500 nearing, I thought this would be a perfect time to post my own experience.

The Search
After selling our 8 year old Scorpio it was time to look for a replacement.
My dad only likes cars with high stance so the obvious choices were
3.Scorpio (Updated design)

1,2 were ruled out due to absence of 3rd row. We were not keen on getting the Scorpio again and finally XUV500 it was.

Personal Likes
2.Road Presence- Believe it or not it matters on Indian roads.
3.Ability to breeze through potholes.
4.Comfort in first and second row during long trips.
5.Easy Ingress.
7.Value for money
8.Mileage (10-12kmpl in City and 17.5 kmpl [w/AC] ,18kmpl on highways)

1.The break light design is overdone for my taste (2014 model).The new gen design is better
2.Servicing issues -Hit or miss.
3.Servicing cost for me. (Please follow below thread as to Why)

Booking and Delivery
We booked the vehicle on 8th May 2014 in IndiaGarage Vasantnagar. The car was ready in the Stockyard and within a week the delivery date was confirmed.
Not much hype,Just the regular details shared by the SA and we bought the car home after the ritualistic pooja.

Although I had read about the niggles of the XUV first gen and was skeptical, Mahindra did not let me down. The ownership till now has been good.
The ODO has clocked 63,400 currently and is going strong. It has been a reliable companion not giving up on us.
But the only downside is the servicing cost incurred. Maybe this was due to bad driving style when the car was borrowed. Riding in half-clutch and riding in peak traffic conditions in Bangalore.
Now since the detailed review is already done. I list down the service cost which has been incurred in these six years.

Servicing 2014-2018
The costs were minimal which included the basic services like oil change, filter change, AC cleaning and washing averaging to around 15-20k per year.

2019 January
The SA advised that the flywheel was damaged and the ODO reading was just 45000kms.
I checked online and the usual lifetime of flywheel is for 1.5lakh to 2 lakh KMS. But the SA advised as the clutch assembly is already being changed it is better to change it. And we were planning for long trips the flywheel was changed.

2019 April
Due to a sound in the engine bay I visited the service center again and this time it was advised that the front discs have worn-out unevenly and changing only the brake pads wont suffice.
Since it was a matter of safety both front discs were replaced.
Cost-Rs.26000 plus change.

Due to COVID the usage of the car was minimal and was not serviced throughout the year 2020.(Social distancing from the service center :))

And finally today as I write this review, the service bill has come up for Rs.21,891 which includes front RH Shock replacement,RH-LH ball-joint replacement and rear brake pads replacement.

Hope I have done some justice. Will add any changes to this thread.
Thanks :)
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Jan 12, 2021
Got the service done and the beat is back- Total Service cost after discount Rs.20,391 Also SA pushed for Road Side Assistance which costed Rs.2,159.
I am planning to spray paint the steel rims with Matte Black .
In this regard have been seeing DIY videos on spray painting the steel rims.

Any advice, tips or comments in this regard is welcome. Will definitely post before and after pics.

But only thing is I can do only one wheel at a time as I have only one jack. :(
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Jan 12, 2021
Very nice and concise ownership review. Please post some pictures of xuv. What accessories you have added to your ride?
Thank you.
I tried uploading the pictures but it says the size is too heavy. Will definitely scale down the size and post the pics.

Accessories :Actually Nil.
Tires- Company fitted. Have not changed them to Alloys. Bridgestone Duelers (Wonderful in my opinion).
Audio- Stock -I believe the sounds are sufficient.
Seats: Got the seat covers done in JC road - Hub of vehicle modification in Bangalore.
Stickers -ordered them online and did some DIY.

One thing I forgot is the Infotainment System was behaving weirdly during 2018 and got it done through some contact at Nippon who got the PCB changed -Cost -Rs.9500/-

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