Mahindra Flyte Reviews and Opinion

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Dec 24, 2011
Hi folks,

Tried searching online about decent reviews on this powere scooter and ended up in seeing more negative reviews highlighting technical glitches of starting trouble, fuel tank leak and other minor issues blown up to a bigger picture.

Came accross a used mahindra flyte (2011 jan) which clocked 2900 kms on the odo (of course for a nice deal). Only 4 services availed and 3 free services + one year manufacturer warranty is still available. Tested this one and was amazed by the pick up and power band. Plastic quality is also far better compared to what is available in scooty.

few concerning observations are

1. Lot of heat produced by the engine in less time and it spreads under the seat storage

2. though front fuelling is more convinient, the tank is under the foot rest so uses a fuel pump. Havent heard any fuel pump fault so far but more concerned on the tank leak factor reported more often. This scooter has 2 tanks (bottom and top tank as specified in the manual). Is this version has the fuel leak problem addressed?

My personal opinion after the test drive is that this is worth a buy and the negatives are exagerrated in the review forums.

Expecting a detailed picture on the pros and cons of this power scooter.
Aug 22, 2009
hey buddy flyte is very decent scooter..well am not aware of issues you mention maybe owners can suggest but its VFM and if you are getting used one in good condition @ good price go for it!

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