M800 Engine Rebuild Project....Post 2 lakh kms

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Mar 1, 2010
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Hey people! i wanted to share this here. Actually i have written this in 2008 in other forums. Its just a transcript from there the Ctrl+C Ctrl+V way due to lack of time. And also i am not much of a writer.

BTW PS to Mod: i hope you have enough server space. As in coming months I will be uploading many useful stuff, as and when time permits.


This Diwali the good ol Green baby crossed 10 years of use and abuse and clocked 2lac+ on the oddo. Initial plan, was to install an alto motor, but couldnt find a suitable doner in time. Many crashed alto that came through had people killed in it. Am not paranoid but frens and family and especially wife insisted not to go for them types otherwise.
Hence thought of selling it but was not fetching more than 50k. Goosh! that alloy and tubeless alone had set me back by 21k. Add another 4.5k for those big spot light. 25 k for the body and engine.LOLZ!
I thought, what the hell, why not a rebuild project, luckily I had a spare four days after diwali.
Also Ahm Kabadi friends found two doner, a battered '04 Zen and '02 esteem heart. but lot of work on frame for four days, Had to scrap the idea. Maybe later sometime next year.

As time had come and magic two rotation of oddo took place, had to open her up. Still amazed with what Papa Suzuki's boys had done back in Japan. It easily reached three figure speeds without a hitch in such conditions of head.

enjoy the images.

Resting for three more Days
1 resting for 3days.jpg

Removing mounting bolts
6 removing rear mounting bolt.jpg

7 removing front  mounting bolt.jpg

Battered Head
2a old head.jpg

2b old head.jpg

2c old head.jpg

3 old gasket.jpg

4 old block.jpg

Head Disassembling
5 head on vice.jpg

8 head disassembly.jpg

9 head disassembly1.jpg

Block Disassembling
10 block dissassembly.jpg

11 block dissassembly.jpg

12 block dissassembly.jpg

Removing Crank, Pistons and Connecting rods
14 crank remove.jpg

13 crank remove.jpg

15 crank removed.jpg

Hardest part for me is to secure the bolts that comes off.
16 bolts.jpg

17 bolts.jpg

Intake Manifold and Carb
18 intake and carb.jpg

Hope you will enjoy! [:)]

To be continued.........
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Mar 1, 2010
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Part Two

Welcome back after the break!!!

@ RSM, it has done little over 9000 kms.

Getting Hands in this state is a great joy.
19 Dirty hands.jpg

Flywheel, always change the small bearing along with the flywheel.
20 flywheel.jpg

20a flywheel.jpg

Redone Block
21 redone block.jpg

Pistons ready to be installed with connecting rod and pins already installed.
22 pistons.jpg

Pistons Installed
23 pston installed.jpg

Redone Crank
23 redone crank.jpg

Redone Head, same 6 valver. Sigh!!
24 redone head.jpg

New Oil and Coolant pump, check the loctite 596 used neatly along with new Oil seal. Always change all the Oil seals and O rings (Oil strainer etc).
25 oil pump and coolant pump installed.jpg

Timing Belt install, Well setting this need lot of practice and patience. and not to forget a special tool.
25a timming belt installed.jpg

To be continued.....
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Mar 1, 2010
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Part three

Welcome Back!!

Timming Cover Pad kit
25c timming pad kit.jpg

Flywheel base and oil seal installed. You can never go wrong while installing flywheel. Check the small guide between two upper sockets.
26 Flywheel base and oil seal installed.jpg

This is what a oil seal looks like, As i said before never use any old ones even if it looks good to naked eye.
26a oil seal.jpg

Gasket, Again, it cannot go other way round, check the small copper washer thingy.
27 gasket.jpg

My personal choice is Valeo, I swear by Valeo. I hate Ceekay.
Valeo has lesser springs, but the springs are much thicker and sturdier. If ever there is an insanely tuned 800 which does quarter mile in single digit, I bet this Valeo, it will never fail.
28 Valeo clutch.jpg

Yeah! the plane jane Micos. MGA supplies champion, avoid those at any cost.
29 mico plugs.jpg

Cleaned Gearbox, not purely clean, but what can you expect in 4 days project.
30 Gb clean.jpg

Clutch bearings, Change these also while changing Clutch+Pressure plate.
31 clutch bearing.jpg

Comparison between the old and new
32 clutch bearing new and old.jpg

Assembled carb intake manifold and Head
33 head plus intake plus carb.jpg

BRB..... [:)]
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Mar 1, 2010
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Part four

This is a mod that I had done long ago, added that extra piece and removed the thermostat valve completely.
34a mod for heater.jpg

34b mod for heater.jpg

That heater assembly is donated from an old zen. Look! though I have new pipes now. Lolz!
34c mod for heater.jpg

Battered steering Rake
35 ol steering.jpg

35a ol steering.jpg

New Sona rake
36 new steering.jpg

Tools of the trade, very handy eastman small and mid.
37 tool of the trade.jpg

Loctite 596, gasket maker
37a loctite gasket maker.jpg

Mr. Mannaram, a great helper
38 Mannaram the helper.jpg

Very old, but very useful for a DIY guy like me.
39 serv man.jpg

The Kharcha List, add to that head & block job.
40 bill.jpg

40a bill.jpg

GOOD NIGHT PETROLHEADS! hope you will enjoy this as much as I did in compiling it
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Sep 12, 2009
That was good , makes me remember the day when i was with my mechanic on a indica rebuild. Excellent pictures
The new sleeves and block were rebuild at a lathe , which i was not able to witness .
Also i missed the part of fixing the piston at the workshop. It needed(mechy explained then) special tools and accurate placing plus dust free place. I misses this part as i went out on a work.
Could you elaborate the piston fixation method
Dec 13, 2011

Thank you so much for this thread. It goes directly into my bookmarks at home, off & mobile. Loving it
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