List of DIYs I Did in My Scorpio

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May 13, 2011
Re: All DIYs I Did in My Scorpio

I guess, I am a bit late. Good work, finishing is really neat. Can you share the name of the material & its cost? the one you have used on the door pad etc
There is no specific name of the material I just we to a floor mat shop in the market there he had a material which was like leather and it was really cheap Rs.120 per meter in length and 1.5m in width. I just bought one bosoni black spray tin and a clear coat spray tin along with 800grid sand paper. Each tin cost Rs.195.

Looks good mate. What is that material on the door? Is ur rear lights visible with that black coating?
ya my lightes are visible even in the day but a bit dull than before.
Wow great DIY, how old is the Scorpio.

I always wanted to know what's written on that yellow sticker about Turbo, just towards right of Steering..

Well looks good DIY, but you should have left the indicator as it is.

Red is critical while you brake, so as the person at back can notice you while braking.

How was the headlamp cleared by sand paper, didn't it cause scratch.
It will make scratches but we can remove it like this

First 800 grid which makes larger scratch in horizontal motion
Second 1000 grin in vertical motion. Better smaller sand particals
Third 1500 horizontal
Then 2000 in vertical
Last scratch out polish
In the there will not be any scratches

Caution: never put sand paper in circular motion since it is really thought to remove the scratches.

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