KTM 200 Duke & Duke 250 (2024) Launched

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Jan 16, 2016

One of India’s leading premium and sporty motorcycle manufacturers, KTM, has launched 2024 versions of its popular Duke series with the 200 and 250 displacement classes. 2024 KTM 200 Duke and 250 Duke get all new colours, keeping the product fresh and competition in check, while spearheading into bringing more body styles of 390 platform in India.

If there is one KTM product that can be credited with making the brand more mainstream in India, it has to be 200 Duke. Owing to its more affordable price tag (relatively), 200 Duke touched wider range of audiences, propagating brand’s ethos.

In domestic market, 200 Duke is the best seller and keeping it fresh is paramount for KTM. In that regard, we get two new colourways with interesting new decals, making the motorcycle more exciting and look more aggressive which should appeal to KTM’s target demographic.

New colours are called Electronic Orange and Dark Galvano. Apart from newly added colourways, previously offered Silver Metallic Matt colourway with KTM 200 Duke will continue as is. With new colourways and decals, KTM’s ‘Ready To Race’ philosophy is on full display. It continues to draw power from the same 25 PS 200cc engine as before.

WP USD telescopic front forks, rear mono-shock setup, lightweight trellis frame, fancy aluminium swingarm, sharp brakes with dual-channel ABS, fat and sticky tyres ensure precise handling. Where pricing is concerned, KTM 200 Duke continues to be priced at Rs. 1.98 lakh (ex-sh).

2024 KTM 250 Duke Launched


Ever since KTM launched its 250 platform in India, it emerged as a decent middle ground between 200 and 390 platforms. Sales numbers suggest the same, positioning 250 platform in 2nd place in the domestic market. KTM has added year another colourway with 250 Duke. Called Atlantic Blue, this new colourway strikes a perfect balance between aggression and aesthetics. Just like 200 Duke, it aims to invoke KTM’s ‘Ready To Race’ philosophy on the target demographic with this new colourway. Pricing is kept intact, at Rs. 2.4 lakh (ex-sh).

Apart from the newly launched Atlantic Blue, KTM 250 Duke continues to offer Ceramic White and Electric Orange colourways. Mechanically, there are no updates with 250 Duke and it continues to be powered by the same 31 PS 250cc engine as before. Unlike 200 Duke, 250 Duke gets all LED lighting, a switchable ABS option and KTM’s Quickshifter+ for a spirited riding experience.

Statement from KTM India

Mr. Sumeet Narang, President (Probiking), Bajaj Auto Ltd, said “KTM DUKE represent the pinnacle of engineering, ahead of its class, crafted to unleash the rider’s true potential. Built with READY TO RACE ethos, their youthful spirit is undeniable.

A perfect marriage of exhilarating power, razor-sharp control, and a design that commands attention, the new colour variants embody a youthful audacity. We have added new colourways providing multiple choices that align seamlessly with the aspirations of an entirely new generation of riders.”


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