Kia Carnival Facelift Officially Revealed in South Korea

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Jan 16, 2016

Kia has officially debuted the Carnival facelift in South Korea, and the MPV will be available in India starting next year. The official photographs only show the outside of the MPV, but they also confirm numerous aspects of the vehicle that we were anticipating. Three years after the fourth-generation model's introduction, the flagship minivan gets Kia's current design language and a hybrid engine option.

Kia Carnival facelift: Design
The revised snout, which matches the recent makeover of the mechanically similar Kia Sorento SUV, is the focus of the appearance. A bigger tiger-nose grille and a single lower bumper intake are coupled with vertically placed headlamps with narrow horizontal LED strips. The bonnet and front fenders, on the other hand, look to be carried over from the pre-facelifted model, as does the profile.


The alloy wheel style is similar to that seen on current Kia vehicles, particularly the EV5 and EV9. The back of the 2025 Carnival is now smoother because the tailgate handle is no longer visible. The lower lights situated in the rear bumper appear to be thinner than previously, but the bumper's metallic trim extends further than on the previous model.

Kia Carnival facelift: Interior
Interior photographs have yet to be shown, but according to sources from Korea, it will have curved displays and fingerprint identification technology. Sunroofs will be available on higher trim levels as well. The Carnival will receive new seats inspired by the EV9, as well as additional amenities like as dual curved screens for instruments and infotainment, and safety technology such as ADAS, among others.


Kia Carnival facelift: Powertrain
Depending on the market, two petrol engines and one diesel engine will be available. The adoption of a hybrid powertrain with a turbocharged 1.6-litre engine and an electric motor is a novel addition. In worldwide areas, the identical configuration is also available on the Kia Sorento. This new engine will join the existing 3.5-litre V6 petrol and 2.2-litre diesel engines in the range.

Kia Carnival facelift: India Plans
Kia India is now getting ready to launch the facelifted Kia Sonet in the coming weeks. More information on the revamped Carnival will be revealed in due course. Kia has announced that the MPV, along with the born-EV EV9 flagship full-size SUV, will be available in India next year.

Feb 14, 2024
Mumbai, Maharashtra
It's great to see Kia updating their MPV with the newer design language. The hybrid powertrain option is also a nice addition.
The changes like the new grille and slimmer headlights really help modernize its look.

It was interesting to read that over 17 million people visited South Korea in 2019. The Carnival should do well when it's launched there next year.

Exciting to see Kia step up their game in India with new launches like the Sonet and upcoming Carnival.
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Aug 10, 2009
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New Kia Carnival has been spotted undisguised in India. It looks majestic from the front. Launch is expected to occur this festive season. Price and specifications are likely to remain similar.

Kia Carnival 2024 Front.jpeg

Kia Carnival 2024 Rear.jpeg
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