JBL Head Units Now Available in India

Jun 10, 2010
Maharashtra, India
JBL getting into the Head-Unit arena is bound to be a game changer.

I have heard from a friend who is extra pally with the accessories dealer [all thanks to sticking to an old rusty Amby :D ] that the HU's are rumoured to sport some unique features like full RCA outs with LPF & HPF controls, SD/USB source support and backed up by pretty aggressive pricing. Also, it is said that these HU's will be making their debut in our market before being rolled out internationally.

If this happens to be true, then expect a shake-down in the low-end Pioneer/Sony/Panasonic/Kenwood market.

How sad it is when a business begins to be hampered by its own reputation. Kudos to JBL for breaking free from the mould.

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