Is it a Wise Decision to Part with My Beloved Lancer (Petrol)?

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Apr 27, 2012
Sad that you are parting away with Lancy, but anyways, congrats.
Thanks a lot mate!!! My friend drove her to his home yesterday..

@zeez: Seen your message on the Lancer sale, but would suggest you reconsider. Unless and until you have increased your budget and are buying a new diesel car, please rethink your decision. Consider that your Lancer would be mechanically fit for another 4/5 years, please consider LPG as an option (as others have already noted). I live in Kolkata where there is no CNG, however seen quite a few Lancers with LPG kit fitted and doing thousand of KMs. Hence I understand that Lancer and LPG go together well. There are off course initial hick-ups in configuration, but after that not an issue.
Also if you are going for a used diesel sedan/hatch, you are not sure what you would be getting as there is also a risk component involved.
Hence consider the above while deciding.
Thanks a lot for your suggestion Chayan but I had to part with her due to personal commitments. I had to invest 40k more for LPg kits so somehow it did not convince me . She is a day old in the hands of the new owner now.

Good to know that you are selling it to a known person. I just hope he takes good care of your ride.
Thanks mate...Yes she will be taken care of well.
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