Intruder Alert: Suzuki Intruder 155 CC Ownership Review

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Mar 30, 2011
Bought a Suzuki Intruder in Glossy Black-Silver , in the 1st week of March 2021. It is a Modern Cruiser Bike with an Air-Cooled Fuel Injected 155CC BS6 Engine with 13.6 ps @8000 rpm power, 13.8Nm @6000 rpm torque. Both Front and Rear have 17 inch Alloy wheels ; 100/80 R17 tyre is up front and a 140/60 R17 tyre does duty in the Rear. Dual Disc brakes are there but only a Single channel ABS variant is offered. Fuel Tank Capacity is just 11 liters. The on-road price was Rs. 1,55,000 (in B'lore). Now that the Climax Shot is shown, let's start with the opening scene.

Ever since the Fluidic Verna entered my Family, the Biker in me sort of retired. My 2006 TVS Star City (100 CC) was relegated to short runs to buy Milk and occasional 2-8 km runs. The Odo barely moved "from 23K in Dec 2012 to 30K in Mar 2021". Then came the 1st phase of Lockdown-2020. Used the TVS to roam around neighboorhood side-roads at night ; it helped us get the much needed fresh Air. Sometime in July 2020, one day my High Command said, "why don't you get a New Bike ? Buy one with the pillion seat RAISED so that i can get a better view of the Road" . I looked at her and then at the newspaper. There was a Gixxer 250 Ad staring at me. "Hmmm, looks good", i thought. So started the search for a Bike SUITABLE for a 52 Yr old man, but with a bit of sporty nature.

My Requirements:
I didn't have preference for any bike. So, sat down to compile my requirenemnts (in the following order) :
  • ABS : Dual Channel MUST. Had my TVS had atleast one, i wouldn't have broken my leg in 2019.
  • Weight: 150 kg plus minus, as i felt my knees could safely manage this unladen weight for 10 more years.
  • Seats: Should be "Comfortable to Plush", for BOTH Driver and Pillion rider.
  • Ride Quality: Should be very good.
  • Handling: Should be easy to steer away from any idiot coming my way (one such idiot gave me a broken leg).
  • 60-0 kpm braking distance: Should be around 20m. Lesser the better.
  • 80-0 kpm braking distance: Should be around 35m. Lesser the better.
  • Engine CC: Minimum 150 CC
  • High Speed Stability: Has to be very Good.
  • Acceleration times: Good enough to quickly leave behind those irritating kids in Dios.
  • Budget: Rs.2 Lakhs plus/minus

Bikes Considered:
After going thro' web reviews, these were my finalists : Apache RTR 160 4V, Yamaha FZ 150, Suzuki Gixxer 150, Apache RTR 200 4V, Pulsar NS 200, Yamaha FZ 250, Suzuki Gixxer 250, Bajaj Dominar 250 and Hornet 2.0 (added much later). Suzuki Intruder was NOT there in the reckoning ;-)

Test Drives taken:
From July to Sep 2020, the Dealerships REFUSED Test Drives, due to COVID-19 regulations. Me NOT giving 2 Lakhs just on some experts' words...Nada. Peers and Friends were recommending AGAINST buying a Bike during the Epidemic ; Jr Colleagues were egging me to go get it... Dilemma. Then the B'lore winter decided it ; pressed the PAUSE button.
  1. One bright sunny evening in Dec 2020, an younger colleague pushed me into driving his RE 350. The notchy Gear Shift wasn't there, riding position was near perfect, seat was good, braking was predictable, i needed to shift gears frequently in traffic and the front felt heavy. I was just short of being impressed.
  2. Next was another colleagues' Dominar 400. Though i was physically feeling the Fuel Tank on my body, I realised it was the Bike for me, till i wanted to brake. "Where WAS the rear brake pedal ?", my right foot kept searching, but the godamned thing was not within reach. On top of that my Family didn't like the looks. DROPPED.
  3. TD-ed both the Yamaha FZ 150CC & 250CC available in the known Circle. These are near perfect to drive. Clap Clap Clap. Decided to settle on one of the two. And then DROPPED the idea after a visit the Showroom. The "Fit and Finish need improvements" ; Why Yamaha why ?
  4. The positive reviews forced me to enquire about Hornet 2.0 , but Bike wasn't available for TD. It wasn't available in my known Circles. But then i felt why pay "200 CC money for a 180CC Engine ?"
  5. Mind you, ALL my TDs were done alone. One evening Wify said, "I WILL decide on the Pillion Comfort; No more TDs without me". So called nearby Bajaj and TVS Dealers. The TVS guy said, "Come NOW, Sir". Took the RTR 200 4V. It was nimble, felt RIGHT; it was as if the Apache had READ my mind and obeyed; the SHARP handling made me smile from ear-to-ear ; it HAS Dual Channel ABS at Rs. 1.67 Lakhs on-road ; to top it all, the Apache has RIDING MODES (in short the Urban mode reduces the Power and increases FE) . Decided that THIS WAS MY BIKE. I was talking to the sales guy about Delivery related stuff, when my Wify nudged me. Experience told me to SHUT UP and GET OUT. She wasn't comfy climbing up and getting down from the Bike. Tried the RTR 160 too but felt similar issues. Later she said she wasn't comfortable with the Pillion Seat of RTR 200 (though the 160 CC's seats were better). Asked for a TD of 160, but the desher couldn't arrange it for two weeks. So the Apaches weren't for us.
  6. Next day tried some analysis. Almost ALL 160CC & 200CC Bikes that I considered have the REAR Foot Peg at around 350-450 mm height from the Ground. THAT makes it tough for Saree clad ladies. What to do ??? pressed the PAUSE button yet again.

What's THAT Bike ?
Around end Feb 2021 ; we were returning from Mysore. Near Ramanagara, traffic was dense; i was held back by truckers and slow moving Cars. My Wify pointed to the left and asked what's THAT Bike ? i had a fleeting glance and saw the rear three quarter view of the Bike. It looked nothing like what i have seen yet. Felt like it was some imported brand; luckily didn't open my mouth ;-) On the left, the Biker moved swiftly and disappeared, before i could find out the Name. No mate, traffic or not, you aren't running away from me till i get your Bike's name. The Verna made light work of the chase but there's a Car between me on the right and him on the left. My eyes were darting between up ahead and side ... slowly and slowly we BOTH moved ahead of the blocking car and then this thing came into my view.


What the !!! ... I was laughing out loud (for not opening my mouth earlier and stupidly saying about an imported Bike). As the Biker went ahead, i told my Family what little i know about Suzuki Intruder ; we saw two more Intruders that day.

Back at home both my Daughter and wife were asking me to buy the Suzuki. i told them Cruisers weren't my Cup of Tea and that this Suzuki had just a Single Ch ABS.

THE Test Drive Experience:
The pressure was mounting to at least have a TD. One thursday evening fired up Google Maps, searched for Suzuki Dealers, called one number and told what i wanted. Happened to be the HQ number of a popular Suzuki Dealer with multiple branches. Within 10 minutes a follow up call came; i ended up at a nearby Suzuki Dealer ; they were expecting me ; a TD Intruder was kept ready ; told them of my plan to have a 2-3 km long TD ; they exchanged glances but agreed. i was explained the Gear Shift patters, buttons, brakes etc and off i went. Mind you, i was switching from a 115kg TVS to a 152 kg Suzuki ; except the long turning radius and Gear shift pattern, i didn't feel i was driving a totally new bike ; in fact my feet found the foot-pegs naturally ; when i opened the throttle, i realised the diff between a 100CC and a 155 CC ; on top of ALL, i was in 3rd Gear in traffic, didn't shift down B.U.T. the Intruder PULLED CLEAN with two on-board ; there was NO PROTEST from the smooth Engine. i returned completely impressed. As we headed to home Wify kept saying, "Pillion seat felt like in a Nano". That's a good complement, considering we are discussing a Bike. Dear Mr.Ratan Tata, you are impacting Two Wheeler segment too :-)

Bought it :
The next day (Friday), rejected their offer for Rs 4.5K worth accessories, bargained and got Rs 10K discount and paid Rs 5K or 15K as advance. Took delivery next Wednesday or Thursday evening. On-road price paid was ~ Rs 1,55,000/-

Lazy 1st week :
As number wasn't assigned, didn't take it out. The next day did Puja (trouble covered in seperate Para). It took about 7 days for Regn Number to come. Still wasn't taking the Bike to Office. Though bike comes with a Saree Guard (it is bent slightly upward at the bottom ... for WHAT), that doesn't have an in-built foot-rest. So, the 1st accessory has to be a "Ladies Foot-rest". Bought it at a local shop in Yeswantpur ; one end gets bolted to a part in the Swing Arm and the other gets clamped to the bottom of Saree Guard. Cost Rs. 140 (fixing charges Rs 30 extra.; a small Rubber piece is used for gripping the Saree guard). Now, the Number Plates were pending.

Ladies foot rest.jpg

Number Plates were ready by that Saturday afternoon. Got them fixed ; added seat covers (i was smiling at the 'Genuine Suzuki Part' sticker). Cost Rs. 240 for two-piece set. That's all the hardware cost as of now. Next is proper Pics, folks.

Start - Camera - Action :
This one below is the FIRST VIEW i had on Mysore-B'lore NH (the showroom added a rubber beading (free) around the rear number plate - so called Hi Sec Num Plate).

There's another Black and Red Color option in matte finish. We went for the Black and Silver in Glossy finish.

The Side view:

The front three quarter view:

The Top view:

The bulge in exhause needs to be kept in mind while filtering thro' traffic (this bike is good at that)

Compromises i made :
  1. Having decided that the Bike MUST have Dual Channel ABS (for front and rear), i had to settle for Intruders front only ABS. Had Suzuki offered an Option, i would have paid more and taken a dual Channel Variant.
  2. I would prefer an Engine with less than 13 seconds for 0-100 kph. Somewhere i read it takes 17-18 seconds for 0-100 kph. Will try it after 1st Service.
  3. I would prefer the display to show "instant mileage, average mileage, side stand indicator" and have bluetooth connectivity with phone charging. The last one i compensated by buying a Mobile Holder with Charger (Rs. 400/- from a local shop). It needs to be connected to the Bike's Battery ; will get it fixed during the 1st Service.

What i HATE :
  1. The Mirrors could have been proper oblong than the current fancy pentagon shape.
  2. Low Beam is ON all the time. i HATE that. i prefer it in my Control.
  3. i have to keep the Tank Lid in my hand while fueling. What nonsense is this Suzuki !? i didn't have this head ache even way back in 1993 with my K-B 4S.
  4. The under seat Space (below Rider Seat) ; it can barely hold "the Tool kit, Bike Papers and a small cloth". DON'T you call it STORAGE Space, Suzuki.
  5. Local mechanics say they can't fix a side grab to assist Ladies and those sitting with both legs on one side. "There's NO provision" they say.
  6. i guess i can't mount a side Box because of the Exhaust Design (Shhh .. haven't used one since 1993. Just nitpicking).
  7. Been driving in City till now. i think the Low Beam intensity is less ; it is at par with my 2006 TVS though. i expected MORE.
  8. Protruding Exhaust.
  9. Longer Turning Radius for U-Turns (as compared to my old TVS). i need to calculate my U-turns.
  10. The REAR View - reminds me of Scotters. But hey, i ain't looking at that; you are.

1st Month Experience :
  1. Comfort Comfort Comfort Comfort Comfort - both for Rider and Pillion.
  2. i don't care for the regular imperfections on the Road any more; The Intruder just GLIDES over them. The bulky 140/60 tyre, the rear mono-shocker and the Comfy Seats are reasons for this feel, i guess.
  3. The Ride Position is PERFECT ; legs are stretched forward, as in my Car. Unlike in Dominar, the Brake Pedal is below my Toes.
  4. From "legs below me in TVS" to "legs forward in Intruder", it didn't take me more than a km to get used to. The Legs FOUND the Foot-Pegs on their own without any fiddling (once Bike is on move).
  5. The handlebar is towards me and the "end weight" aren't there. In RTR 200, my Palm kept slipping over the end weight on the Throttle.
  6. i sit upright while riding. Pillion rider too sits upright and has a lower-back support.
  7. The Engine is soooo smooth and refined.
  8. Single Touch Start ; pull the Clutch, touch the Button, engage Gear and Go.
  9. Lightest Clutch. i LOVE THAT.
  10. Slick and sure slotting Gears. No missed Gear ; No False Nuetral. NOTE: 1 Down and 2-5 Up.
  11. You can Start the Bike in either 1st or 2nd Gears. Convenience.
  12. 3rd Gear is like Semi-Auto in Traffic. Low speed tractability is damn GOOD.
  13. 5th Gear is good from 24 kph !!! My Pillion guy, weighing 70 odd kgs (i am ~80 kgs) noticed that.
  14. Predictable Braking. It feels as if the Bike READ you and STOPS where YOU want.
  15. Lightest Front-End in a Cruiser. NOTE: Bajaj Avenger Users Pls correct me if i am wrong.
  16. It doesn't feel like a 152 kg Bike. I sat on it and rolled it backwards UP the Road (like a man would do on a Scooty Pep), while an youngster next to me on a Yamaha FZ Fi struggled.
  17. HANDLING !!! Can't believe a Cruiser can hanlde so well. You want to filter thro' traffic ? Just add little extra margin for protruding Exhaust, and then JUST DO IT !
  18. Size !!! Intruder Commands and gets SPACE from other two wheeler drivers ; they DON't come irritatingly too close to me anymore.
  19. You get noticed !!! Be it while Parking, be it at a Traffic Light, be it on the move, on an Intruder. The Bike (being Rs 15-18K costlier than Avenger) doesn't sell that much. In Feb '21 Suzuki sold just 128 Intruders pan India. Sooooooo, it is a Novelty !
  20. Throttle Response : Acceleration is BRISK for a Cruiser. The max i have done so far is 74 kph.
  21. Fit, Finish and the Paint Job are TOP NOTCH. On top of that, quality Buttons are used and they give you the CORRECT FEEL and feedback.
  22. i have set the Rev limitter to 5,500 rpm ; the indicator lights up to remind a Gear Shift. i Like THAT.
  23. Gear Position Indicator is shown on the LCD Display.
  24. The LCD Display shows Time. No need to check with my watch :-)
  25. The Engine buzzes gently while it is driven withing the rpm limit. i as driver CANNOT hear the exhause note while on the move. No dat-dat-dat-dat-dat sound associated with the RE or wroom-wrrom-wrrom sound associated with the Pulsars and apaches and Dukes.
  26. i can PULL the Bike back while sitting on it and put it on Center Stand. The Ergonomics are PERFECT.
  27. So far filled Rs 1,300 worth of Petrol and did 400 km. Half tank is still there. Mileage will be checked after 1st Service, which i might do this week. Dealer has already started calling for Service.

Things To do:
  • Haven't put any Paint Protection Film yet. Will do it soon
  • To get a "Chain and Lock Cobination" for locking the front wheel. The suspension fork is too thick and the U-Clamp type wheel locks aren't fitting. NOT interested in the Disc Brake Locks (as i might forget it sometime and start the bike). NOTE: With unemployment on the rise i would suggest EVERY two-wheeler owner to get an additional lock to secure the 2W. While Parking at unknown places, i am using the Helmet Lock (Vega Brand) to lock the front wheel thro the "Suspension-Wheel-Disk brake" combo.

In the Company of Leading Cruisers :
Surprisingly one day i got parking space between a RE and and Avenger. Two Pics for those who want to see how the Intruder compares with others in Size and Looks:

Side View:
The 3 - 1.jpg

Rear View:
The 3 - 2.jpg

NOW tell me guys, IF the "Intruder Alert" was a suitable Title for this thread.

The Problem on 2nd Day:
The 1st day i didn't have time to do Puja. So went the 2nd day. After Puja, when i started the Bike, it wouldn't start. i called the dealership. The Salesman and a servivce guy came within 20 minutes. They push-started the Bike. Diagnosis was "battery drain". They promised to collect the Bike from my Home the next day and CHANGE the Battery. But, the crowd at the Temple, attracted by a NEVER SEEN BEFORE Bike (in our Area) was giggling all along when a BRAND NEW BIKE wouldn't start. Even the Pujari was laughing. What is this M/s Suzuki Motorcycle India ? You didn't need this type of coverage.
As i was driving to my Home, i noticed THIS :
The Trouble-009.jpg

Would you like to see the "Engine Malfunction Indicator light up" on Day two ?

The next day, my Bike was picked up and fixed. No problems and ONLY happiness. The retired Biker is BACK.
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Aug 10, 2009
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Splendid and an in-depth ownership review. Just like your other topics. Even though I'm not much into bikes but I have always admired the Intruder for its demeanour. Hooked to this thread. Keep us posted. [thumbsup]

Drive Safe,
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Mar 30, 2011
Splendid and an in-depth ownership review. Just like your other topics. Even though I'm not much into bikes but I have always admired the Intruder for its demeanour. Hooked to this thread. Keep us posted. [thumbsup]

Drive Safe,
Basically i was a Biker ; it started with my Kawasaki 4S ; long long ago. The Biker retired in fav of the "Comfort that a Car provides". As i was aging, i never thought i would crave for a two wheeler ever. But times change ; Bike is fun [:D]

It is one of its kind bike, very special appearance packed with performance, update regularly.
Yup, the unique look gets attention. Iy is sort of love it or hate it.

To both of you, sorry, i delayed my update by a month. The first free service was completed in the 1st week of Apr. Bike had about 450km on the Odo. TheService Experience, 'with calls from A$$, bookingservice over phone, follow-up calls etc' was really good. Bill was Rs. 902/- . I got the Mobile Phone Holder cum Charger installed thro A$$ ; they did it without a word ; Pics here. Same day i tried Paint Prtection Film from 3M. They said, "too many surfaces ; we have to cut small small strips of Film to cover ; dust will accumulate in the Gaps ; we wouldn't recommend PPE for Intruder". #M's Ethics are GREAT. 3M suggested some other coating which needs to be done once every year for Rs 1600 (i think). Would have done it, but for the lack of time that day.

I had planned a 4 day trip to my Hometown in TN from 11th to 14th April. But then felt the "2nd wave of Covid was rearing its ugly head" ; didn't do that trip. Also, i cut down my outdoor activities. From 450 km, Odo moved to 600km now ; mere 150 kilometers in a month. In fact i didn't have anything to update this thread, due to the low usage of Intruder. Still, for commuting to Office, my Intruder has been my Choice ; this is just 3 + 3 = 6km per Day. But then, Six is more than Zero, isn't it ? Few observations and Pics below:

Vibrations: While on the move, if my left foot rests on the Gear Shift Lever (why i did that ?), i feel very mild Vibrations.Vibrations are NOT felt in the handle Bar. From my first post to till now the max speed i hit was 71 kph.
Acceleration: There is a 200m straight road nearby ; it's a T-Jn. My Verna gets to 90+ kph easily. In the same stretch Intruder hit 71 kph once.
Tractability: I found out that the 4th Gear is good from 19 kph. But, nowaday i shift down to 2nd after Speed Bumps.
Engine Heat: Haven't felt it yet. But then, with just 600km on the Odo, that too mostly within B'lore City, it is too early to comment about it.
Mileage: Haven't noticed it yet. For records, i have filled Petrol for Rs 1800 till now and travelled 605 km, with Fuel Indicator b/w 65-70 % mark now.
About Info on Console: I check it for just TWO things : Colck and Gear Position. Am i missing turn-by-turn Navigation on the Console ? Nope. Would it be nice to have additional info ? Yes, at least Mileage.
Weight: It still feels light to maneuver at ParkingSpeeds. Actually THIS alone has made many People to come and ask me about the Bike. For every 4 shopping stops, at least one Guy had come and asked me.
Road Presence: Even now, other Road Users give space PERIOD (Psst psst... Dio Gang is different ; they try to drive below my Bike, between the front and rear tyres. Can't help)

Now to new Pics:
I realised a Proper LEFT Side view was missing.

The Key slot is quite unusual. Way forward beyond the Console, beyond the Plastics but just before the Headlight.

Intruder next to my Colleague's RE. Why it commands space on road will be obvious from this Front View:


The front Nr. Plt is TILTED at an angle. wondering WHY ? till now.

And, the Side View of the Legend and the Modern blackie:

Psst psst... The RE looses out to the 155CC Intruder in acceleration. In regular traffic, REMEMBER the CURVES ; THAT is where the Guy on RE starts noticing Intruder ... you just lean and leave the RE behind [evil]

Now to the Mobile Holder cum Charger. It is bolted to the Mirror Assembly.

This is currently set for 'Landscape Orientation' of my phone's Screen. But the 'Top Left Arm' touches my phone's ON-OFF Button. Little bit of adjustment and the Button is CLEAR. This will be rarely used, but then i just want it. The Charger is an added bonus. It's just Rs. 400.

And it has a ON-OFF Switch too... There is a Rubber Cover to protect the charging port.

Of course there has been no need to use this, yet. Just checked if it is charging (used a Power Bank - Why risk with the Phone ?), and it does fine. Really don't know how long this thing will last. It survived THRE Rainy days. That's good to start with.

The wide tyres and the ABS really really make a huge difference on wet and dry roads (as compared to my old TVS) ; Grip and Balance are very good ; when Avengers came chasing bad guys from side roads, i could easily halt without skidding and without cursing Avengers. Happened twice

That's all for now, Guys. Stay SAFE ; Stay HEALTHY ; Excercise Caution ; Protect yourself, your loved ones, Friends and others. Together let us defeat this Covid-19 [cheers]
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Mar 30, 2011
Did the 2nd free Service in July. Cost me about ₹900+ ..

Though wanting to hit the Highways, obeying Covid restrictions & staying within City limits. Nevertheless, some updates below:

1. Road Presence: Other Drivers GIVE Space. They don't drive close (the way I was experiencing in my Star City). For example, in a narrow road, once a Scorpio Driver needed to come to his right because a Car was parked on the Road in his lane ; seeing my Intruder approaching, the Scorpio HALTED. Good manners (Clap Clap Clap).

2. Looks: Once in traffic, an youngster chased me, came abreast of me and asked, "Unche ... How much ?" While waiting for the light to turn Green, I told him. He was put down by the Price tag. The steep gap b/w Avenger & Intruder ensures MORE Avengers on the Road. May be THAT'S WHAT Suzuki wanted ! Sort of Premiumness ?!! BTW, heads still turn at Traffic Lights.

3. Fun: When I spot an opening in traffic pattern, the 155CC Engine has adequate grunt to quickly use that Gap to move up. A bulky looking Bike isn't SUPPOSED to do THAT. But, remember, the Intruder weighs only 152 kg :-)

4. Top Speed: i & my Colleague once travelled 40+ km in Bengaluru traffic, as we didn't want to waste 20 minutes for the Official Car to turn up. Hit 89 kph on the Ring road & maintained it for 2 minutes. Colleague cautioned me of Speed-Guns in that stretch ; i slowed down. The next time we needed to go together, he asked, "Your Bike ?" :-) The Pillion seat IS COMFY.

5. ABS: Yesterday, i encountered a frightening "rear wheel locking", doing about 35-40 kph, on a wet road ; was about to overtake an Autorickshaw, but it moved to its right & onto my path ; i was sort of expecting it (in Aug 2019, SAME situation resulted in my TVD skidding, falling to the right, foot-peg landing on my right foot to fracture my foot).

When I FELT the rear losing traction, i quickly applied front brake (which is ABS) and let go off the non-ABS rear brake. The WIDE rear tyre DIDN'T SKID, while the front brake STOPPED the Bike WITHOUT DRAMA. Proceeded as if nothing happened & reached Home Safe.

Friends, next time you shop, please ENSURE your 2W has atleast Single channel ABS. Otherwise don't go above 30 kph on wet roads.

6. Those below 5' 6" may find it bit tough to put both feet flat on the ground; for them I feel Bajaj Avenger would be an ideal Cruiser. For taller people looking for a Cruiser but NOT happy with the weight of RE, Intruder is the ideal Choice, I feel. Here I am, at 53 yrs and at 178cm tall, sitting on my Bike.



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Jan 16, 2016
Suzuki Intruder 155 discontinued in India

Suzuki Motorcycle India has pulled the plug on the Intruder 155 entry-level cruiser. The company has de-listed the model from its India website, while its other offerings including the Gixxer series, Access, Burgman and Avenis scooters, as well as the premium offerings continue to be on sale. The Suzuki Intruder was introduced back in 2017 but the model could not garner the same kind of demand that its rival Bajaj Avenger 220 enjoys in the segment. It seems low volumes of the entry-level cruiser forced the manufacturer to finally end the model's production.


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