Interview With T.N.R Electric Two Wheeler Founder Mr.T.N Mittal

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Sep 7, 2014
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T.N.R Electric Two-Wheeler Founder, Shri T.N Mittal

T.N.R Background: Founded in 1994 TNR was initially engaged in Car parts & Ball bearing business, the Group has an illustrious history. With the rise of pollution all over the world, the three founders namely Mr. Trilok Nath Mittal, Mr Naveen Sachdeva & Mr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, wanted to introduce in the country a very affordable yet environment-friendly modes of transportation for all. Hence, they launched their two wheeler range- Electric Scooty in 2017. The Group’s flagship company TNR, as a brand is well known across several states as in M.P., U.P., Delhi NCR, Haryana, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. TNR scooters are the most loved Electric Scooters in India, in the electric vehicles category.

I had the honor to interact virtually with Mr. T.N Mittal and he shared his valuable insights on my questions.

Could you elaborate on the vision of diversifying TNR in the E.V sphere and share with us the key achievements of the company since it’s inception?
Ans: TNR came into existence a decade ago with ball bearing business and car parts. Driven by a common cause of saving the environment from vehicular pollution, we wanted to make something eco-friendly, yet affordable. Conventional vehicles used to be the king, however, as researches happened on Electric automobiles cleared the bigger picture. Now, vehicles run by electricity are gaining popularity among consumers for their benefits like eco-friendliness, safety, reliability and affordability among others.

Upon early realization of these, TNR stepped into the E.V. sector and began manufacturing electric scooters for the consumers. We feel proud to become one of the popular household names in scooters and most certainly envision to cover PAN India in the forthcoming years.

Compared to the International EV market, what are your views for making the Indian EV Market at par with international EV brands?
Ans: Indian E.V. manufacturers are producing quality products at better prices. Utilizing the studies in technology and science, automobile manufacturers are gaining excellence and precision which allow them to surpass the standards of the International brands.

Indian EV market should focus on offering top-notch quality products with cutting edge technology and at their greatest potential. Not only will it value our consumers’ choices, but also prove beneficial for their budget.

In short, to be aligned with the international markets standards, makers in India need to utilise the technology in their products. The focus should be to manufacture safety, reliability, affordability, quality all at home.

Since the EV infrastructure in India is gaining momentum, what’s your outlook towards achieving a sizeable share in the EV segment here?
India is the fourth-largest auto market in the world with the potential to be a global leader if it focused on shared mobility. There lies a huge opportunity space for the electric vehicle.
TNR has been progressing as a popular household name for electric scooters. Urbanization has fostered our production and gained us recognition internationally. Researchers analyse two-wheelers as the most dominating segment. Following the same, we also aim to reach PAN India in the foreseeable future.

The Covid 19 Pandemic affected the entire Indian economyand the auto sector wasn’t left out too, so, what was the impact on your sales due to the lockdown and post lockdown how far the sales have recovered?
Ans: The pandemic has most certainly impacted the world with countries going momentarily static and economies dropped. The auto sector was one of the most impacted ones, however, after the lockdown, we've seen a rapid increase in sales that wasn't observed in the past three years. Key reasons blooming this growth are our product's reliability, affordability and safety. TNR scooters are among the most loved scooters among Indian consumers.

What are the technical upgrades planned moving forward and what type of support for the upgrades do you seek from the Govt. Of India?
Ans: We currently only want to focus on our Scooties, they are our priorities. Once we have set benchmark in scooty, only then will we step into making bikes and cars. In our view the govt. is giving more importance & more subsidies to the EV segment.

Do you feel with the rising Fuel prices, the Govt’s EV Policies and Customer centric EV subsidies shall make more and more people opt for it?
Ans : Yes, it's most likely true. If the fuel price surges, it may prove destructive for the economy. Consumers nowadays see everything from a three-dimensional approach. In this case, the focus remains on eco-friendliness, reliability, duration of vehicles.

Also, the govt. is making reforms to develop India as a global manufacturing leader and coming up with reformations such as GST which got reduced from 12% to 5% under the new regime for E-vehicles. The amendments are also being made in the policies for the betterment of the EV sector which, in turn, encourages consumers' inclination towards EV vehicles.

Post Pandemic what are the operational changes incorporated by you to keep the safety of employees & customers at paramount importance?
Ans: TNR is highly focused on quality and the same is displayed not only in our products, but the way we operate also. Our employee's safety and health are central for us. As we resumed operations post-pandemic, we ensured proper sanitisation of the area, our workers are checked regularly for any symptoms whereas we never leave the masks at any moment. We are duly following the guidelines posted by the Health Ministry to make sure we are safe and the environment we operate in is also protected.

Following the success of TNR in EV 2 wheeler segment, any plans for tie-ups on providing accessible charging infrastructure and gradually making foray into the cost-effective 4 wheeler EV segment?
Ans: We appreciate your blessings for our success. Thanks for your wishes. However, we feel it's more useful if we lead at our own pace. We have been planning to bring in many new advancements in the coming years and establish ourselves more firmly in the EV market.

But as we progress, we might think of prospective tie-ups to both benefit us in gaining recognition and our partners to reap the maximum benefits.


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