Indian Scientist Develops Green Technology

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Feb 10, 2012
Indian Scientist Develops Technology That Cleans Car's Emission By Using Pond Scum

An Indian scientist, Dinabandhu Sahoo had patented a technology that cleaned the car's emission using pond scum, Sahoo came to Delhi 30 years ago with a dream to make it big.

Sahoo, who is serving the Department of Botany, University of Delhi told the channel: 'The first night I slept at the railway station. I wanted to become an IAS officer then'.

Sahoo never made it to the civil services. For the past 25 years, he has been a botanist working with Algae, a form of plant life which most of us call pond scum. ' one kilogram of Algae captures 1.8 kilogram of carbon dioxide and gives out 1.6 kg of oxygen,' he said.

Exploiting that property, Dr Sahoo gets algae to clean his car's emissions. Algae is poured into a container on the car. An attachment on the tail pipe channels the carbon dioxide in the exhaust through a tube, straight into the container. Because algae are small plants, they use the carbon dioxide, water and sunlight to make food. The by-product is pure oxygen. Sahoo made a rough prototype with $ 500 and fixed it to his old car, noted the report.

The obvious problem was that no one liked a monster like object on the roof of their car. But Sahoo said he had made more attractive, aerodynamic prototypes. What he wanted now, was some help from automobile majors. They might help because algae also produces oil. Each kilo of algae yields upto 300 millilitres of oil, which can be processed into fuel for cars. Research into making this commercially viable is on internationally. Dr Sahoo believes that when that technology is ready, his own patented contraption will find many takers, the report pointed out.

"It is not necessary that an idea has to come from developed countries. It can come from other places too. This was an idea I have tested on my own car. And it works well. It needs improvement. But all new things do. The first cell phone was bulky. But look how money and R&D have made them indispensable to us today," Sahoo said.

Leaders at The Rio 20 conference committed $ 500 billion more to cutting carbon emissions. US President Barack Obama has promised $ 14 million to develop an algae-fuel car. All of this proves this is not a pipe dream. Sahoo is waiting for the day when the motorists would be able to both clean the car's emissions and generate the fuel to run it,


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