Hyundai Santro AMT

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Jul 10, 2017
Hyundai Santro AMT Driving Impressions

Hyundai Santro AMT
  • 1.1L 4cyl FWD Petrol Engine with 5 gear AMT
  • 68bhp@5500rpms / 99nm@4500rpms
  • Advanced AMT, Very smooth & refined AMT gearbox
  • Reliability of Hyundai ASS
  • Comfortable Car even for long Journeys
  • The engine is very Peppy and Responsive, don't go by the figures on paper
  • Little nervous drive at speeds above 110kmph, best driven at 100kmph max
  • Steering & Suspension is supremely tuned to give a Balanced ride
  • AMT Performs extremely effortlessly on Ghats without any jerks
  • Adequate Safety features
  • The odometer design is nice with clear visibility
  • Magna and Sports and the most value for money variant
  • Scores better than other AMT hatchbacks in the segment
  • Definitely, a strong contender and must be given a Test drive before finalizing other Hatch

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