Hyundai i10 Second Service Precautions

Feb 2, 2010
Margao, Goa
i dont think you need to change the oil if the car has covered just 2000kms after the previous oil change.
Actually you do. It's not only the Kms run but also the time. Even unused oil deteriorates with time. In fact is is more important to change the oil in this case as there is condensation in the engine and the condensate mixes with the oil.

You should have asked them not to change the oil if you did not wish to get it changed. The oil change intervals are pretty flexible even when your car is under warranty. Further more if you are not sure whether they changed the oil or not, then better look at it by yourself. Just open up the hood and have a look at the texture of the oil.
The A.S.S guys may say blah blah about the warranty void etc, so try to convince them by asking them to change it after a month. However if they dont agree you dont have any other option.
Actually it all depends on the A.S.S. Usually they don't allow it and try to void the warranty if you insist. In any case it's better to change the oil for the reason I mentioned above. The 2nd service cost me Rs.1076/- with the oil change. You have more to loose than gain by trying to save on Rs.1076/-

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