Hyundai i10 Magna (1.2) vs New i10 Magna

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Oct 5, 2010
New Delhi
New Hyundai i10 is not only advanced under the hood, or from the exteriors / interiors, It will also fetch better re-sale value in case you plan to sell it off sometime in future, but now that you have booked an old i10 already, there’s nothing much to say other than congratulating, Have a happy and safe driving, also share some pictures once you get it home.

Drive Safe,
i will post pic as soon as i get my hand on it .

Good choice Master, the old i10 w/discounts is a killer deal. 80-90% of the stock was sold out 2 weeks itself here in Bangalore.

Oh, and BTW, I'm booking a new Asta MT on Thur. Now Grandad has a gen1 i10, and dad will have a gen2!!! [drive]:biggrin:
(Me beside grandpa/dad!)
agree this was the last i10 they had .
BTW congrats in advance for your asta .
Congratulations Mastersquall , what color have you booked?
its white
naa we somehow found white
Congratulations Mastersquall. Dont forget to put up good no. of pics of your ride.
will do
comgrats master. do you think it is worthwile plonking your money for an older model? the money you have saved here will go down the drain when you consider resale value.
well i tried my best to explain my father but that Hyundai seller took control of my father brain by using power of discount T_T . i just let it go thinking there is no use just go for it else i will get good lecture at house for 1hr minimum
Dec 11, 2010
Re: I10 magna(1.2 kapppa) vs new I10 magna

Good choice buddy. You will not regret for this deal [cheers]

I had 1.2 Kappa (In your language old I 10) which was the best available during mid 2010, but now entire face lift changed.

There is no limit for selection of car & at some point of time, we should stop.

You did it right.

Best Wishes,


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