Hyundai Fluidic Verna 1.6 VTVT | 6 Years | 54,000 Kms: Ownership Review

Nov 19, 2014
Trivandrum , Sydney
When a product is on demand, if you are so keen to buy yourself one, you need to go the hardway. Pull out your threads, be yourself the upper hand. You can't get a discount, but you can ensure a good ride.
I still remember, when we bought smart TV, I went and bought from another dealer, who had cheated me, basically, in after sales (So many issues in coordinating installation, and the stabilizer that came with it was not the model I had listed onto, and the sales staff was like, you are getting this a freebie, so just buy and leave). Seeing the situation, my dad intervened, he just made 2 calls. One to another dealer, striking a deal, ensuring good product, with ready cash payment. Second call, cancelling this booking of previous, and said within48hrs if the payment made doesnt reach the account, I will talk with your manager (I later came to know that this dealer had been in business over the years, my dad stopped dealing with him, when he felt things are too much taken for granted)

Lesson learnt is don't go for freebies or discounts, you can get a fair discount but not too much. It is bound to come with pandora box.
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Apr 21, 2012
New Delhi
Car turns 11 day after tomorrow. [:D]

I have covered 8000kms in 9 months on cng. No jerks, no power loss.
On 80% highway roads and 20% city without ac, car covers 190kms in 7.5kg of gas which turns out to be 25km/kg.[roll][cheers]
100% city rides with ac gives 16km/kg-17km/kg.

On petrol, car used to give 8-9kmpl ie 12rs per km
On cng, rs per km is approx 4rs-5rs. So i have already covered my cng kit installation cost.
I installed cng to drive it for another 2-3 years but because of the rust and the possible ac compressor issue I will sell it within 2 months.
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