Hyundai Fluidic Verna 1.6 VTVT | 6 Years | 54,000 Kms: Ownership Review


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Oct 15, 2011
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Battery is more or less a luck game.
My XUV stock battery lasted well. Way past expectations. Approx 5 years.
i10 Amaron battery lasted surprisingly welll. 5 plus years. And the car would sit without use for months at a time.
However Safari's Battery died just after warranty. barely 2 years.
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Apr 21, 2012
New Delhi
Changed the car's battery with my brezza's 3.5 years old battery. New amaron 45ah costed 4000rs. Wanted to try amaron this time since Exide too conks off after 30 months.
I wanted to park the car in the basement parking before heading out of Delhi but because the battery was bad i couldn't and now when I drove today the brake pads got stuck to the discs[frustration]
Will have to take the car to the mechanic for cleaning.
Sep 4, 2011
Mumbai MH01/MH46
My i20 Amaron battery was almost at 4 years, was noticing slow and longer cranks during cold starts, took it to battery guy and he tested it showed unstable battery but he said you can use. However there was couple months pro rata warranty left, he told me pricing if I used the prorata or just normal swap. Normal swap was cheaper as it’s their dealer pricing and not mrp.

with regards to the ac issues. When compressor oil turns black it means it burn the refrigerant and it’s acidic now.
in domestic and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration when this occurs, domestic it’s cheaper to change the ac and commercial change the compressor and add filters for suction and liquid line to prevent acid in system from destroying the new compressor after flushing the lines.
Now in automotive the compressor too pushes metal shavings around.
i had this happen in my Aveo, only changed the condenser and compressor, new compressor barely lasted a couple of months.
If you plan to sell it do the cheaper repair and notify next owner, else do a proper job of changing the expansion valve and condenser since the filter is in the condenser. And flush out the lines and evaporator using a good refrigerant line flush rated for r134a
And then make sure there is no moisture in lines by vacuuming the entire system after installation for atleast 30 minutes and only add the refrigerant by weight

local ac shops don’t follow this and never charge by weight nor add the required oil by weight and this damages the compressors.

Also with regards to an earlier post of the radiator,
You need to change the coolant at specified intervals listed on the coolant. And it’s optional to use a radiator flush.
For the airflow using a water hose from the front grills would be fine to wash of the dirt mostly

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