Hyundai Creta 1.6D SX(O) Ownership Review: "It Came, I Saw, We Conquered"

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Nov 30, 2009
This is Hyundai Creta ownership review. Covering buying, ownership and maintenance experiences.

PS – I am trying to keep this report as short as possible, while you can expect a lot of pictures in this thread.


Well, this is going to be similar to my ecosport ownership report. To start off, this happened all too quickly, much quicker than my ecosport buying decision. Never planned buying a new vehicle as I was completely satisfied with ecosport. To be frank, I wasn’t even following the Creta thread initially.

So what changed my mind? I generally use the car for 3 years and then move onto my next car. In our case, it’s always going to be an SUV. A butch suv is what we like but unfortunately, none of those (fortuner/Pajero sport) was within our budget. So coming back to the original question – What changed my mind? This new car bug slowly started affecting me and I started following the Creta thread. I always wanted a ride with a 6th gear and something that gives the SUV feel. Creta ticked all the boxes on my wishlist (although it aint the perfect SUV) but we expected the price to be within our range.

1) SUV within 15L on road.
2) 6th gear – I sorely missed this in all my previous cars. All my highway drives (majority being to Bangalore) was not all that fuel efficient. Want one in which I can effortlessly cruise without straining the engine. Fuel efficiency wasn’t my main concern here.
3) Goodies – Safety remained as the top priority
4) Boot space – I tend to dump all sorts of things in the boot so a big boot was a requirement. In fact, it was even considered more than the rear seats.
5) Easy to drive in city and highway. I use the worst stretches in Cochin city. So want one that I can easily tackle around.
6) And the main requirement – Better half should be impressed with the looks and feel comfortable sitting inside.

July 11th – Called my Ecosport SA who’s now with Hyundai and he invited me to the showroom (Creta was in the yard and said we could have a look). We went straight to the yard and was greeted by 4 Creta’s – SX+(petrol), SX, SX(O) and SX (AT). My initial reaction was – Yes, this is not so big and not so small, perfect for me. Although it had some hard plastics, it didn’t feel all that bad. The first thing I noticed was the 7” display. The touch screen was pretty responsive but the map was bit confusing (sorry, this is the first time I am using one. Only familiar with Gmaps on the phone). The instrument cluster was fantastic (reminded me of the Germans) and the buttons felt good. The steering was leather wrapped but I should say, it was very slippery. Didn’t even bother to seat in the rear seat as that wont be used 99% of the time but immediately went to check the boot as that’s pretty much used by us. I was happy when I saw the ecosport boot after coming from the swift and now, I was even more shocked. That’s one well laid out boot with very less intrusion. To add, the cubby holes on the side and the luggage net impressed me.

Few things noted during my first sighting
1) Perfect size – interior and exterior.
2) Ticked all my requirements list.
3) 17” alloys was fantastic while the 16” was all too plain and boring.
4) Leather seats were a comfortable place to sit.
5) Good visibility and I was able to find that sweet spot. Seat height range was good.
6) Hard plastics didn’t impress me.
7) Even though the vehicle was stationery, I could make out that the steering was light, even lighter than the ecosport. I just prayed that it wasn’t bad as previous hyundais.
8) The shark fin antenna looked like an aftermarket kit and I wasn’t all that happy with that.
9) Tested the headlights and immediately knew those weren’t HIDs.
10) Loved the bosch horn – so much familiar with the Germans.
11) Cornering light – Nifty feature.
12) Armest was comfortable but no sliding mechanism – sorely missed.
13) All black interiors – fantastic
14) The chrome on the grille wasn’t all that bad and cant comment the same on the chrome on the rear number plate.
15) Spare wheel – fully size alloy wheel

July 11th – July 14th
By now, I was completely focused on the Creta and was glued to the thread but wife was not willing to part ways with the ecosport. She was in love with it and my idea on getting the creta wasn’t encouraged by her. Although she liked the Creta, this new car thingy was not to her liking, the reason being the ecosport was not even 2 years old. Few days into the week and she agreed to book the car. This was purely on the condition that if the price was beyond our budget, we would cancel it. Learned the hard way during the ecosport booking experience. We had booked after the price launch and we were late. This proved to be costly as many had already booked and we had to wait for 2 months. So didn’t want to go through that phase again, so decided to pre-book the car.

July 15th
Paid 50k advance and finished all the formalities. Opted for the 1.6D SX(O) white. As the expected price was within 15L, we decided to go for the top end. Went to the yard and showed the car to my wife. Although she said it was similar to the ecosport, she liked the size and the front grille of the car. Of all the things, she loved the 17” alloys the most. Anyways, she gave the green signal and the wait for the price began.

July 16th – July 21st
Countless sleepless nights later , D day arrived. When the price was announced, I was kind of disappointed. 13.6L ex showroom and I knew it would come close to 15L although that was the budget I had in mind. I expected it to be priced a bit lower. Called up my SA and he confirmed that the on road price would be ready later that day. The on road came to 15.92L for the SX(O), 1L beyond my budget. Then planned to go for the lower variant, SX+ but wife wasn’t too keen on that. Went for the launch at the dealership and was asked for the final decision. We then confirmed on the SX(O). Now the wait for the car started, The SA knowing me really well knew I would pester him daily,he immediately gave the delivery date as any day between Aug 1st to Aug 15th.

Ex Showroom - 1379338
Insurance - 51000
Road tax and registration - 138334
Handling - 8900
Warranty - 16031

On road - 1593603

Engine Specs:
1.6L crdi engine
Power - 128ps at 4000 rpm
Torque - 26.5 kgm at 1900 to 2750 rpm

It's quite obvious not to expect any discounts for a brand new launch. Happy that they provided floor mats and other goodies (chocolates, tissues, air freshener etc). In spite of Hyundai providing 3 years warranty, I decided to opt for an extended warranty.

Got a call on 24th July saying that the vehicle has been allotted and delivery will be on 29th July. Well, that was some good news. I decided to do the PDI on 28th evening. Got to see my beauty for the first time. Odo read 30kms.

Like before, I really never had any alternatives, but when the price was announced, I did think of checking XUV500. This one had that proper SUV look and stance but the interior quality was really poor when compared to it’s rivals (pardon me fellow XUV owners). The car was really good to drive and the AWD advantage was certainly there. But XUV means, I will need to shell out additional cash since I was looking at either W8 or W10. Didn’t feel it’s worth that money since we will be spending most of the time inside and the niggles would slowly creep in.

The next obvious alternative would be Duster/Terrano. Brilliant to drive and comfortable, but 15L-16L for those dated looks? Sorry, I will pass.

Delivery and dealer experience.
Since I knew the SA for few years now (He was my SA for the ecosport) and his way of approach, I knew things would be smooth. Talking about the dealership, these guys were pretty professional (Popular Hyundai, Vytilla). In these two weeks of decision making, booking, and taking delivery of the car, all the guys at the dealership were extremely helpful. Right from the security who helped me find a parking space everytime, especially during the launch (the place was crowded and they managed it effortlessly) to Mr Alby (SA) and Mr Johnson (Finance) were really helpful. Also, during delivery they made sure that the entire process went smooth and wasted no time. I was out of the showroom in less than half an hour. All papers were in place, showed all the documents and then handed over the keys in typical fashion (photo opportunity, sweets etc). Then Alby explained all the features of the car and made sure I was prepared to tackle any difficulties. Excellent job!

Life after getting the car
To make it simple – loving it each day. We are happy that we made the right decision in going for this. Haven't really taken it out on the highways, but completely happy maneuvering it in the city.

Some observations:
1) NVH is good but I would say ecosport was better.
2) Gear shifts are smooth but tend to slot 3rd every time I want the 1st gear.
3) ACC mode has the same recirculation problem experienced in the ecosport. Everytime you switch the AC, you will need to press the recirculation too.
4) So you keep the key fob in your pocket, start the car and drive. You reach your home, get down to open the gate. Since the key is still in your pocket and car is running, there’s this irritating beep outside the car for some 5-10 secs. This is a warning indicating that the key is outside the car. Ecosport didn’t have that problem.
6) Phone Bluetooth phone connection works fine and the voice clarity is also good.
7) Horn – Sweet!
8) A nice beep outside the car when the car is locked/unlocked.
9) Hill hold feature – This holds only for 2-3 seconds after which the car starts rolling back. But a very useful feature.
10) I noticed that even if the ac and fan is off, there’s a small amount of air coming from the vents.
11) I can say this is purely a 4 seater (adults). The bulge, thanks to the rear armrest is so uncomfortable (tried it out yesterday with 5 adults with few friends and I was in the back seat). The back seat is pretty comfortable but not as good as the front seats. Also, it aint bouncy as previous hyundais.
12) And finally, this is seriously turning heads. Just like the ecosport, it’s attracting a lot of attention and I see people staring at the car.

Missing features:
1) Automatic headlights
2) Distance to empty, average etc - come on, how hard can that be?
3) Vanity mirror light
4) Rain sensing wiper
5) HID's
6) Sliding driver armrest
7) Cooled glove box
8) Rear disc brakes

I know some of these features are expensive, but there are many basic features expected in a 15L car. Add those, and it would make it more appealing.
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Nov 30, 2009
Re: "It came, I Saw, We Conquered" - Ownership report of our Hyundai Creta 1.6D SX(O)

Creta Vs Ecosport:

Here are some of my observations made between the creta and ecosport. This is purely based on my personal experience. Some might not agree to this

1) Looks:
I would say Creta looks better here. No questions asked. Can call this a proper suv (appearance). But girls still prefer ecosport (few of my relatives had this comment). Since I wanted a suv look, I would go for the Creta. The front tends to stand out thanks to the chrome on the grille and those beautiful yet menacing projector headlights. The rear end is typical suv with that sloping boot. My wife think it resemble the Audi SUV range. The roof rails looks cheap but adds to that suv look.

2) Steering and Handling:
That would be the ecosport mainly due to the steering. Although both are light, ecosport steering was a tad heavier when compared to creta. And also, as mentioned in the Autocar review, after taking an U turn, it’s hard to bring the steering back to it’s position. Hyundai, you got to do something on that. But that light steering is a boon when it comes to city driving, but as pointed out the leather on the steering is very slippery. A word of caution there. Took it for a small highway run and the steering did weigh and felt much better. But ecosport wins here hands down. Managed to engage the 6 gear couple of times and the rpm was close 2k with speeds of 90kmph. The car was planted on the road and did handle pretty well. Couldn’t take to any winding deserted roads to test it’s handling but I would say it isn’t all that bad. A giant leap forward when compared to the previous cars from Hyundai.

3) Power/Torque:
No need to mention that here. Although there’s a slight turbo lag in the creta, it’s much better than Ecosport. I could easily drive around in 2nd and 3rd gears in the city without having to shift down. Havent really opened up the taps. Waiting to clock 1k kms but had a small hint of torque yesterday and it was amazing. It really pushes you back into the driver seat. The turbo lag is slightly visible before you hit the turbo band. But nothing to tamper your buying decisions.

4) Equipment:
Ecosport is pretty loaded but you get many other features in the creta that attracted me. Mainly, the 6th gear, Auto folding ORVMS. But auto dimming IRVMs, auto lights etc could have been added for a premium car. The touch screen unit also feels premium and is very responsive. I would say that creta meets all my requirements in this department except for few things which I had already mentioned but wish they added the distance to empty feature, tyre pressure sensor. Few things which would have made life easier.

5) Comfort:
Still in the early days, but Creta feels comfortable mainly due to the fact that it soaks the potholes pretty well. But you still get that “THUD” feel when you take over big potholes but I can say that it feels better than the ecosport. It glides effortlessly over small broken ad bumpy roads. There’s a major improvement here when compared to other cars from Hyundai. Took for a small ride over the weekend with 5 adults and the rear seat wasn’t bad. But the rear seat is best suited for 2 adults. The arm rest on the rear seat makes it uncomfortable.

6) Mileage:
Too early again, I would say. For the ecosport, I was able to manage 11-12kmpl in city and around 16-17kmpl in highway. Expecting something in the similar lines and after all mileage isn’t my main priority. 15-16 in the highway and 12-13 in city considering the kind of stretch I cover would be good.

7) NVH:
I would say Ecosport was better. I think that extra engine damping helps here. Creta lacks that. Wonder why they avoided it. Hyundai too confident on the NVH? But it’s pretty good but definitely not better than ecosport. Also, my wife commented that she could hear people talking when we were waiting at the signal. I feel the thin glass and lights doors are the culprits here. Ecosport door felt heavy and kept all noises out. But this shouldn’t make anyone think twice when it comes to buying the car. It’s definitely good.

8) Headunit:
Although the Creta’s audio system is packed with features and sounds pretty for an OE system, the ecosport’s audio quality was better. But add the extra features available in the creta and you will forget all. No upgrade required for an ordinary guy like but for an audiophile, an upgrade will be on the cards. The maps are provided by mapmyindia and as per the manual there’s an update during the service which is free of cost. But when I talked to my SA he said they would charge a nominal fee for the update. Will wait and see what happens when I go for an update. Need to get used to the features of the navigation unit as this is the first time I am using one other than the good old google maps on the phone. But so far so good.

Was I satisfied with the ecosport? Yes, definitely. It was one car I enjoyed a lot but with creta coming in, I feel this should be better and am already getting that feel.

Now for some pictures. More exterior pictures in a better location
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Nov 30, 2009
Re: "It came, I Saw, We Conquered" - Ownership report of our Hyundai Creta 1.6D SX(O)

The chrome on the grille isn’t all that bad. The entire slats are not covered in chrome. It does look like a mini Santa Fe.


But not so on the rear. I quite didn’t like the chrome bit here. The lights are basic and looks like LED's but not so (I have attached a night picture of the rear light further down). The rear is typical SUV look with that sloping boot.


Simple but an elegant headlight unit but also busy.


Wonder why I called it a busy unit?, LED’s


.. Cornering lamps, indicators etc. The cornering lamps have theatre dimming effect and this light is pretty useful. Along with the headlights and fogs, this light covers a wide area.


And with the headlights switched on. Wish they had HIDs. But the lights are pretty good for an OEM setup. The high beam is pretty bright and covers a wide area. I will be upgrading the lights to HIDs in the coming days.

DSC_0021 (2).jpg

A mini headlight unit here. The fog works well. Seeing the design I wondered whether this would work, but does a good job. A nice spread.


Love those diamond cut alloys.


Tires are pretty good – Bridgestone Dueler (215/60/R17). Provides a good grip and very less road noise. More on this after I get to test the car on the highway.


Shark Fin antenna, looks aftermarket! The GPS unit is housed in this antenna.


Piano black on the A pillar. Looks cool, but not cool when it comes to cleaning – Finger print magnet and prone to scratches.


Rear parking camera neatly hidden


Request sensor on the driver side. Available only on the driver side. Ecosport had on the passenger door as well.


Wiper water nozzle hidden from view. The action is a mix of spray type (ford) and water jet type (maruti).


Wheel wells partially cladded. Good thing that they have provided with a plastic cladding unlike the cloth type material used in the Ecosport. That used to soak up water and dislodge itself.


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Nov 30, 2009
Re: "It came, I Saw, We Conquered" - Ownership report of our Hyundai Creta 1.6D SX(O)

Engine bay


No damping under the hood. Although the NVH is good even without any damping material, they should have added this to make the noise nil.


The front seats – the leather seats are pretty good. Although not pure leather, the perforated type makes the seating more comfortable when compared to traditional leather seats. Reminded me of our old Fiesta seats. Good choice hyundai.


Close up of the leather seat.


Rear seat – Strictly a four seater for adults. The center armrest spoils the fun here. But the other two seats are cocooned and you will comfortable.


And here’s the rear legroom (front seat adjusted to my height5’11”). The leg room is pretty good when compared to the ecosport. And as mentioned, these seats are not used 99% of the time.


The rear arm rest. Enough padding to make you feel comfortable. But when upright, the middle person wont feel comfortable thanks to the armrest sticking out.


Rear AC vents and a power outlet – A nice touch.


This small addition makes life easy. Holds the rear seat belts in place and avoids rattles. Old school knob to fold the rear seats.


Switch gears borrowed from i20. The buttons are of good quality.


The handles are of good quality but a chrome touch would have been a nice addition for this pricing.


This handle gives that SUV feel to the vehicle – Nice touch. A black color option would have been easy to clean in the long run.


Driver armrest – Fixed position. Too bad it doesn’t slide. Short drivers wont like it. Minimal padding here but comfortable place to place/rest your arm here.


But everyone will like it’s storage space. This is padded and deep. But the plastics inside are of cheap quality. A definite cost costing visible.


Power outlet, USB and AUX ahead of the gear lever. These are backlit. Also note a good place to keep your mobile. This is padded.

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Nov 30, 2009
Re: "It came, I Saw, We Conquered" - Ownership report of our Hyundai Creta 1.6D SX(O)

Cup holders in the center. These aint padded. The air freshener that you see rattles a lot. An aftermarket pads necessary. Leather stitched handbrake – good to hold.


6 speed manual box. This is also leather and feels good to hold. I quite didn’t like the reverse gear positioning. Lift the metal knob and slot it to the first gear position to engage reverse.


Rear grab handles – Posting it here since ecosport didn’t have this (for the 6 airbags model) but Creta’s got and it's not fixed.


Vanity mirror – huge but no dedicated light.


All doors have sills. Highly needed


Dead pedal – Not a bad place to rest your left foot.


Seat height adjustment – It’s got a good range.


Glove box – Medium size and not cooled. Really miss the hidden storage box under the passenger seat to hid away all knick knacks.


Vertical AC vents – Effective and it shuts fully.


Traction control, instrument cluster brightness and headlight level adjustment buttons. Position "0" is all that's required to get the proper level.


400L boot. Adequate and very less intrusion. The luggage net – a nifty addition. Boot height isnt all that great although it's deep. can swallow your weekend luggage with ease.


A boot lamp and the small storage bin.


Spare wheel – fully sized alloy. Tools are neatly placed here.


Push Button start. As seen in all other hyundai cars. The button is soft and not as sturdy/premium like Ford.


Ignition ON – Press it without engaging the clutch. This is when you can access the AVN. The AVN cuts off automatically when used in this ignition mode for sometime. Moreover, there's a display that appears frequently saying that the battery is discharging.

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Nov 30, 2009
Re: "It came, I Saw, We Conquered" - Ownership report of our Hyundai Creta 1.6D SX(O)

Leather wrapped steering wheel. Its well contoured but the leather is very slippy. Ford steering wheels are the best to hold.


Steering controls – Audio Mute, Audio Modes, volume controls, Track change controls, Phone controls (left side)


This is to access the MID (more details on the MID coming up)


Left stalk – Turn the small knob to engage the rear wiper. Push it to spray the water. Up for the mist swipe and bottom positions to control the wiper speed. Pull to spray water on the windscreen.


Right stalk – Works like all other cars. To activate the fog lights, push the toggle switch.


ACC. Here you see the mood light change as advertised in the brochures. Color changes when the temperature changes. In short – Ambient lighting as seen in XUV. The AC is very good and cools the cabin in no time.




MID – A system check animation when the car is started. Looks cool.


Digital speedo


Service reminder – Shows this popup when its time. You will need to manually enter the service kms and the months.


Other settings - auto door lock time, lane change timer, language etc.


As seen in i20. When you switch off the car, if the wheels are not properly aligned, it gives this reminder. Give us the tire pressure reminder instead of this.!


You have two trip meters. It shows the kms, average speed and time. No instantaneous mileage, average mileage, distance to empty.

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Nov 30, 2009
Re: "It came, I Saw, We Conquered" - Ownership report of our Hyundai Creta 1.6D SX(O)

AVN Unit – Welcome screen




Navigation – Very accurate and easy to follow. The glare can obstruct the view though. Wish it was a bit tilted towards the driver side.


Phone – the unit is very responsive and a joy to use. The call quality is good and the other person can hear you pretty well (you dont need to shout at mic like in other cars).


Settings – audio , Bluetooth, display etc.


One of the many settings available.


USB mode


Video playback. The video is crisp and very clear. Also, the 6 speakers gives that surround feel. Wife was pretty impressed with this. But she really wished it was similar to the Jaguar unit where the passenger can view the video and the driver can continue to use the other functions.


I just moved the vehicle forward and it showed this message. I think it works for speeds below 10kmph but this warning message pops up every few seconds.


Rear parking camera – Clear and pretty useful. Those guidelines are very useful. Parking camera is pretty useful for a car of this size, especially in city.


Rear tail lights. Trying hard to show it as LED's but looks pretty nice. It houses the brake, indicator and reverse lights.


These are few sections that I was able to cover on sunday. More and better exterior pictures coming shortly.

Watch this space! Thanks for reading


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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Re: "It came, I Saw, We Conquered" - Ownership report of our Hyundai Creta 1.6D SX(O)

Note: Thread now live. Congrats on your new car!

Drive Safe,
Sep 19, 2013
Congratulations for your new car and wish you happy miles ahead.
Rated 5 Stars for the perfect ownership review.

Also one thing I need to point out; in your first post at the very end you mentioned the list of missing features mentioned below:

Missing features:
1) Automatic headlights
2) Distance to empty, average etc - come on, how hard can that be?
3) Vanity mirror light
4) Rain sensing wiper
5) HID's
6) Sliding driver armrest
7) Cooled glove box
8) Rear disc brakes

All these missing features are very well available (not sure about the 7th one, will check it out) on the S Cross. I was eagerly waiting for the Creta myself but the pricing blunder really pissed off and now I am seeing the S Cross to be more jam packed with features than the Creta and more value for money. Well the value for money part will be decided tomorrow once the prices are announced. Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for the mouth watering prices to be revealed tomorrow for the S Cross.
Jun 4, 2014
Once again, congratulations on getting the new kid on block, so early. Excellent review, especially the comparison with Ecosport! If an ex-ecosport owner gives good rating for an Hyundai car, then I can say, they have did some good job with ride and handling. Enjoy the ride, and just because it has 6th gear, don't go beyond 100+ [:D]
Mar 19, 2014
Congratulations Navin for your Creta. Have a safe and happy miles ahead. Your ownership review is well written covering almost every small element, this will help for prospective Creta buyers. [:)]
Oct 24, 2014
Congratulations on the acquisition Naveen wish you a safe and joyous drive. such a detailed thread buddy. voted 5 stars already. however in the beginning you mentioned you would keep this as short as possible, wondering what would a detailed review from you read like.[:D]
Nov 19, 2014
Trivandrum , Sydney
Regarding the Setup for to crack The AVN and watch while driving also ,you can ask any accesories dealers,a cable is there within the headunit,which disables the safety info ,thereby you can watch videos while running also.
All standard brands have this safety measue , i had disabled the same in SOny Xav 68 bt also.[;)]
Feb 2, 2012
Congratulations on your new car buddy [clap].

Very well laid down ownership report and nice set of photos covering almost every aspect.

Wishing you many happy miles with your new car.

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