How Was this Trend Started?

Feb 15, 2010
Tipping is a custom of west which I think was started to reward the people who serve for us in a little way we can. I usually leave a tip depending upon the quality of service but sometimes not if the service charges are included. I read somewhere that in Japan tipping is not accepted. If you leave a tip in some restaurant, the waiter will run behind and tell that you have left some money mistakenly.

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This happened with me, while on the way to Nashik from Shirdi, we had stopped for food at a Dhabha.
We payed 20 Rs for his excellent service, he said "Saab Aapne to Bill me diya he na, Woh Kaafhi Hai Humko".
The amount you have paid against the bill is enough for us.
Oct 23, 2009
Well if i go out with my friends i just leave the coins behind as tips , i don't like having coins in my purse , they hurt a lot!

But if out with my dad , my dad always leaves a tip of Rs.10 or 20 to the waiter if the service provided was good. I know a few restaurants in Chennai which charge a few % as service tax and in that case you don't have to tip the waiter. Even if you tip him , the waiter will come back running giving the money back.

I don't drink so out goes the bartender and i travel by train very rarely so out goes railway attendant. I wash my car myself so no tipping the wash man or security for that matter.

I always fill air in my regular pump and i always tip him Rs.5 , he sometimes gives priority for my car over some 2 wheelers!

Food delivery guys: Say the bill is Rs.720 or 730 odd rupees i give him Rs.800 and ask him back Rs.50.

Valet parking: I mostly park my cars myself but even if its Valet i don't pay them.
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