How To Clean Tar Spots?

Sep 29, 2015
Re: Micro tar deposits all over my car, how to remove 'em?

Hey,How did it go ? I know I'm pretty late even though I'll share my peice of information.

You can use a product named Tar X from Carpro to get rid of these with ease. I have personally tried it and was amazed with the performance.
I did not want to wait too long for the tar spots all over my car to harden as online delivery of special anti-tar stuff would have taken many days as i did not find it in a few accessory shops nearby. i researched online and majority said diesel is safe to use. So used it to clean all windows and entire car and all the tar spots melted away with a few wipes. then i washed car with a car shampoo to get the diesel residue off. turned out very cost effective too[clap] Now need to wax the car this coming weekend as the diesel would have cleaned up everything including any wax coating(not that it anyway lasts in the dusty NCR).
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