Honda City Now Available in CNG (Priced at Rs.9.03 Lakh)

Jan 21, 2012
Though it is a good option but the low mood regarding the purchase of a city might not change much with the cng.
As it was with the sx4, i doubt honda might be able to bring in the numbers they were used to earlier.
This ideally should have improved sales for the civic.

Also dealer fits clause seems a bit tacky. Trying to avoid warranty it seems.
Oct 19, 2012
I LOVE PETROL cars so just booked a City Petrol. The sales of the city are just fine. I think the brio needs a CNG. The city is just too common and that was one of the few drawbacks I found.
Feb 3, 2012
Deccan Plateau
Re: Honda Likely To Launch City CNG in October

welcome to TAI :)

yes, the kit will be installed by the dealer. As a matter of fact, all kits will be installed only by the dealer. It wont be an OEM from their factory. But yes weight and GC will be an issue on the previous city's.

read the terms and conditions for more clarity.
but I suspect that the job won't be as good as the one that comes from the manufacturer.
Also, as Honda cars are known to have a punny GC what effect will this additional CNG kit will make on the GC (even after suspension overhaul) is an unknown entity.
Honda city with CNG is a very good news only for' diehard' fans of honda' city'.

As because of the cng kit (dealer fitted hence no question of re tunning by manufactuer), performence will reduce, hence it will be driven slowly, so preexisting GC issue will be resolved automatically (no underbody scrapping) As it is the need of the nation's road s , you need to have good gc or slow driver , I call it is the acclimation step from honda to the indian road conditions (slow and congested traffic in city, humps and potholed roads every where) Previously, superperformer city engine use demand more and from drivers right foot, and driver use to fail to fulfill the demand eighter due to gc, traffic or fuel cost.

Also the car will live up to its name ' city', as it will be a pain to drive an underperformer (due to less powerful fuel )on highways.

No wonder , if a honda fan goes to show room with9.5 lakhs, looks at the reduced boot and performence, and comes back with a similar boot space, better performer (than cng city) petrol Jazz brochure,( money saved during purchase stage can used for petrol). Now,thehe bussiness remains with honda only, all depends on SE.

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