Honda City iVTEC (2010): A Little Background Story

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May 6, 2020
Out of topic for this thread, but couldn't resist posting... It's about my Hero Honda Passion motorcycle 2001 model. My very first automotive. Got after a lot of convincing and conditions and promises.Here he is, after about 2 lac + kms, 20+ years, a paint job long back, steel rim to alloy wheel conversion. This small 100cc Honda engine is gem. Speaks high volume about Honda quality and reliability.
He is still a daily beater. The bike was stuck in Bangalore and i forgot to get the taxes done after 15 years. The cost to get it done later was very high (around 20k including the fines) and many advised to discard the bike. Patiently waited for a few months and used the RTO scheme that was announced to renew the bike without fine. He is road legal now and a daily beater.
Planning to give him a fresh look again once the lockdown is over.


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