Help on Bike Transfer To Another State

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Sep 1, 2012
Hi People,

I guess this is not a good place to ask this question. Would request people to help me out.

-I bought a new bike Bajaj Pulsar in Pune in 2003.
-In 2004, I was transferred to Mumbai and I took my bike along with me. I did not take any NOC from Pune RTO.
-In 2005, I moved to Bangalore and took my bike along with me. I did not have any NOC with me. I used the bike without any issues in bangalore.
-Few months back, I moved to Kolkata and brought my bike along with me. Here, I saw that cops are very strict and try to catch any vehicle not having Bengal number.

To Sum up, I have a Pune bike with me in Kolkata, and no NOC. All other papers are intact.

What can be my possible course of action:
1) Send the bike to Pune and sell it off there?
2) Get NOC from Pune and then do registration/Road Tax in Bengal?
3) Any other alternative which people can suggest.

For (1)
Since it is difficult for me to visit to Pune, as the boarding/lodging costs involved would be high, can anybody suggest any option on how to implement.

For (2),
How to get a NOC from Pune RTO without visiting them with bike.
Also how much is cost involved for paying roadtax/registration in bengal.
How to go about to pay roadtax/registration in bengal.

Would appreciate any help from everyone..
Feb 26, 2013
Bike Transfer to Another State Issue

Hi All,

I had brought my 5 year old FZ from Rajasthan to Muaharashtra.
I also have the NOC and other documents for the transfer of motorcycle and registration in Maharashtra. I have already paid the One time tax of Maharashtra.

The issue came when the Inspector of the RTO noticed that the Chassis number on the original RC is not matching the one on the body. Somehow nobody else noticed the difference till now.

RTO officer says to get that corrected in the original RC, which wont be possible for me as I already have the NOC for the same and the bike is in Pune.

What are my options? other than the usual "setting" in Pune RTO?


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