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Sep 11, 2009
January 2021 - Bye-Bye Seat Covers

Survived good 13 years. Now cracking and disintegrating.

2021-01-25 18-37-34.jpg
2021-01-25 18-37-38.jpg

Removed one by one. Stock fabric seats. Still intact, but 13 years of dirt.

2021-01-25 18-47-01.jpg

Dolphin. One of the finest covers available then, when local art leather was rare and brands like Autoform wasn't common down south. Bought from Car Palace, Trivandrum for ₹ 4,800.00 in April 2008.

2021-01-25 19-02-03.jpg

All out.

2021-01-25 19-02-14.jpg


2021-01-25 20-11-43.jpg
2021-01-25 20-39-31.jpg

Still a beauty.

2021-01-26 07-56-35.jpg
2021-01-26 07-57-28.jpg

Clearer picture. Seats are in good shape. Needs thorough cleaning. Confused whether to go for new covers or retain the fabric seats, which is the current trend.

2021-01-26 08-03-42.jpg
2021-01-26 08-03-46.jpg

The rear seat had the most dirt, always spilling stuff, that seeps through the seat cover. Tried cleaning, but out of my capacity, needs professional help.

2021-01-26 08-04-05.jpg

i noticed that seat cover also removed due to cracking
Spot on. Removed at a later date.
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