Hell's Angel - Suzuki Zen Estilo LXi - Midnight Black - March 2007

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Sep 11, 2009
January 2021 - Bye-Bye Seat Covers

Survived good 13 years. Now cracking and disintegrating.

2021-01-25 18-37-34.jpg
2021-01-25 18-37-38.jpg

Removed one by one. Stock fabric seats. Still intact, but 13 years of dirt.

2021-01-25 18-47-01.jpg

Dolphin. One of the finest covers available then, when local art leather was rare and brands like Autoform wasn't common down south. Bought from Car Palace, Trivandrum for ₹ 4,800.00 in April 2008.

2021-01-25 19-02-03.jpg

All out.

2021-01-25 19-02-14.jpg


2021-01-25 20-11-43.jpg
2021-01-25 20-39-31.jpg

Still a beauty.

2021-01-26 07-56-35.jpg
2021-01-26 07-57-28.jpg

Clearer picture. Seats are in good shape. Needs thorough cleaning. Confused whether to go for new covers or retain the fabric seats, which is the current trend.

2021-01-26 08-03-42.jpg
2021-01-26 08-03-46.jpg

The rear seat had the most dirt, always spilling stuff, that seeps through the seat cover. Tried cleaning, but out of my capacity, needs professional help.

2021-01-26 08-04-05.jpg

i noticed that seat cover also removed due to cracking
Spot on. Removed at a later date.
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2021 - Misc Updates

2021-08-18 20-08-01.jpg

2021-08-18 19-50-23.jpg

Job of cousin's pesky kid.

2021-08-18 16-48-45.jpg

Lancer rims are still a looker.

2021-08-18 16-53-36.jpg

Started leaking from an old edge puncture. Repaired with tubeless radial patch, which is stuck from inside.

2021-08-18 16-56-52.jpg

Did wheel rotation + balancing + alignment, ₹ 900 total damage including puncture patching at Nayana Tyres. Tyre still good for at least 5000 more kilometres. Continental CC5 was available in 165/65R13.

2021-08-18 16-58-06.jpg
2021-08-18 17-21-49.jpg

Almost 10 years since the tacho install and still love the flying red needle.

2021-08-18 18-23-33.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2021 - New Wiper Blades

Bought a pair of Minda Soft Super Blade aka frameless.

2021-08-19 08-41-06.jpg

2021-08-19 08-41-50.jpg

Size chart. 21"/12" recommended, but most of the time it will be 21"/13" available/preferred.

2021-08-19 08-41-20.jpg

MRP ₹ 256.00 for 21" and ₹ 164.00 for 13", got for ₹ 236.00 and ₹ 151.00 respectively from Manikantan Automobiles.

2021-08-19 08-41-31.jpg

Both March 2021 make, packed in May and June 2021.

2021-08-19 08-46-11.jpg

Comparing side by side. Old one also Minda.

2021-08-19 08-46-30.jpg

Difference between 12" and 13". Works fine without messing with each other.

2021-08-19 08-48-40.jpg

Central lock remote starts malfunctioning. Light always lit up, low battery.

2021-08-18 22-23-17.jpg

Spare remote. Still good as new. Just 14+ years old.

2021-08-18 22-23-25.jpg
2021-08-19 08-53-45.jpg
2021-08-19 08-53-54.jpg

Surprisingly, the battery has never been changes in 14 years and has never leaked. Runs on CR2025. Swapped the battery from other remote, and it started working again, but range reduced drastically. So, started using the spare and parked the primary one.

2021-08-19 17-06-06.jpg
2021-08-19 17-08-38.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2021 - Bluetooth Addition + Misc Updates

Our Kenwood HU was a sweet sounding unit despite its age. Added aux in previously. Aux cable became kinda obsolete and a nuisance.

2021-08-19 17-26-44.jpg

Stumbled upon my old home amplifier, which I made in my +1-2 vacation, 20 years ago to be precise. It was based on old school and common 4440 IC and added a Bluetooth module at a later period.

2021-08-19 17-27-00.jpg
2021-08-19 17-27-06.jpg

Since it was rarely used, nicked the Bluetooth module from it, originally stolen from @bikerharis [lol]

2021-08-19 17-26-54.jpg

Fed through 7805 IC, which was already with it in the amp. First installed on the HU heat sink.

2021-08-19 17-39-46.jpg

Later added a dedicated heat sink as the area of contact with HU sink was non-existent.

2021-08-19 17-31-35.jpg
2021-08-19 17-31-40.jpg

Audio out of module connected to CD changer connector, same as the aux in connection before.

2021-08-19 19-06-09.jpg

Module covered with heat shrunk sleeve and secured under the HU.

2021-08-19 19-29-43.jpg

12V for the 7805 fed from the HU remote wire for amp, so powered up only when HU is on.

2021-08-19 19-17-42.jpg

Test run. Lost the video.

2021-08-19 19-46-35.jpg


2021-08-19 19-48-11.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2021 - Tale of Two Antennas - 2010 Recap

Hell's Angel had a longer antenna, which added a bit of toy car touch to it. AFAICR, I haven't mentioned the story before.

2021-08-20 17-23-08.jpg

Back in 2010, a friend of mine managed to roll over his Matiz during wee-hour food hunt.


The car wasn't mechanically great, drinking oil and coolant and returning single digits and the current garage was quoting an insane figure for restoring the car in the 80k range and another guy quoting 35k. The wiser option was to scrap the car (again), so did we. (It was a once-scrapped car, touched up and sold to my friend by a now-reputed used car dealer in town [pig]). Before scrapping, went there to reclaim all our (horrible) custom audio install and any useful stuff. Thus, I got my share, the antenna[evil]


Turned useless at first as the fitment was exactly opposite, female vs male.

2021-08-20 17-19-55.jpg

Length difference, Matiz (L) vs Estilo (R).

2021-08-20 17-18-58.jpg

Estilo vs Matiz vs Beat (L to R). The whole thing came up when I was checking any one of them fit our Fiesta or Polo.

2021-08-20 17-18-42.jpg

Solution, the DIY adapter. Took an M6 bolt and cut the required length. It was just accidental, was holding both antennas and screwed them together thinking something else.

2021-08-20 17-20-03.jpg


2021-08-20 17-20-49.jpg

Stock antenna.

2021-08-20 17-21-55.jpg

Matiz antenna.

2021-08-20 17-23-00.jpg

Stumbled upon the Matiz once again, perfectly restored, owned by our body shop guy. Came across when I went there to inquire about painting Beat back in 2014.

2014-06-21 11-29-02.jpg

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