Heart Over Mind: Hyundai i20 or Volkswagen Polo? (Booked i20)

Apr 23, 2012
hmm it's truth about every dealer..
i know about 15000 kms interval. in my thinking like 3months or for 5months for check up after 3000 or 5000 kms should i visit[confused]?

Today I was surprised that Though during sales time all reps say service at 15k Kms, later after 7 month of purchase I am told that there need to be a general checkup done. Today I took the vehicle for general check up that took me almost 2hr wait for the showroom advisor to response and come back and say there will ba general check up fee before he could first do take a look at my vehicle to know what all required.

More that surprised to hear is that all service is chargeable [confused]. I realised that I did a mistake by not checking this before purchase that could have me avoid this surprise moment.

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