Happy 11th Birthday, TAI!

May 17, 2018
On my part Sir, I would like to apologize for not being able to contribute as much. Reasons I already shared. I apologize to the mods too as because of me there has been lot of miss in the content. I acknowledged that even in my first post after the 7 months gap.

In my case, my dad's health kept & keeps me occupied. I do not have any other way to refresh other than TAI and even Vibhor knows it. But my circumstances have pushed me to be with dad and look after him and so my contribution to my beloved forum has reduced significantly.

I am not really sure Sir that whether I would be able to attend the forum as regularly as earlier. However, after going through your opinion, I thought it would be wise of me to call it a day! I can't see my forum suffering due to me. If I can't contribute, I better not be here.

I am sorry Team!! Hope you all shall forgive me. You all made a big difference in my life & thought. It might look that I am escaping from my responsibilities towards the forum, but it isn't so.

Good Bye & God Bless You.

Bye Vibhor.

Reporter Saab Signing OFF!

@Nairrk Please don't feel offended Sir.
Aakash sir, as Nairji has already mentioned, we are already aware about your situation and nothing particular against your absence. We all know that family responsibilities come first. I think it would be great if you can continue to contribute to the forum, only as and when possible, instead of signing off. Your contribution towards TAI is really invaluable. We all wish a good health for your father and sincerely hope you revert your decision to sign-off. Looking forward to your valuable posts as usual. [:)]
Nov 21, 2014
Happy Birthday TAI

Hope to see newer developments to the forum in the upcoming years. And it is best that everyone on this forum shares each and everything that they knew so the beginners/auto enthusiast can learn from them. We people are sharing many information about the auto industry very frequently but still i feel that more members should participate mainly in polls and basic topics (Safety Tips), etc.

I would like to say that if we work as a team then our hard work reflects as a success which in turn leads the forum to next level.

And Akash Sir we need you, and if we work as a team anything is possible.

God bless TAI for its future growth [cheers]

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