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Jun 1, 2012
Hello TAI'ians...This one was long pending - My first ever ownership review.

Background: I owned a 2001 make Zen VXI which I had bought in 2005 (run only 8k). After 6 years of top class service, I decided to switch over to a Diesel engine for reasons known to all. It was difficult to part ways with a car that never broke down even once (except occasional punctures. hate JK tyres for this).
My daily travel is approx 30kms in city but luckily its during non peak hours (thanks to the BPO industry). I know many wont think its wise to buy a Diesel for daily run of 30 kms but as per my calculations, its the right move.

So the search began and it started off couple of years back. The following car made it to the list and in most cases even before they were launched.
1. Fiat Punto: In the looks dept, I still drool over it. After the launch and research dropped the idea
2. Hyundai i20 Petrol: After research found the mileage and power wasn't good enough
3. Etios - To be able to buy a Toyota within my set budget was a dream come true. However after launch, lost the excitement
4. Figo: I even paid the booking amount only to be taken back at the same time as my friend wasn't happy with the salesman and neither was I. Great package overall I felt but not my wife

In Jan the news was out for new Dzire launch with a more compact design. I liked the idea as it would mean reasonably priced, will be based on the new swift platform, fit into my parking space and the most important it would be maruti again.

Buying Experience: A friend of mine who works for Spectra Motors referred me to Spectra Ghatkopar in Mumbai. Based on his referral I assume, I got a reasonably good service. They bought back my Zen for a good value and promised delivery within 8-12 weeks whereas the actual wait time was 26 weeks. As for extra accessories, you don't get anything for a swift and dzire diesel but again since I was referred by an employee, I was promised Floor Mats, Car Perfume, Steering Cover and Teflon Coating. I asked for underbody coating which was rejected. the booking was done on 2nd week of Feb with a payment of 10K
Then disaster happened..The govt of maharashtra increased the excise duty on Diesel Cars from 8% to 12% which meant an increase of 40K in the final price and then Maruti raised the price of the car too. I bit the bullet and took it bravely.
I will continue the next part later as my daughter wants to play with me now.
And Here I am back...apologies for the delay
I made a point to regularly visit the showroom instead of just conversing over the phone. During this period, the sales advisor who was dealing with me also met with an accident and he was off the action for a month or so. He was replaced by another guy and by then I knew almost everyone is the showroom.
I got a couple of calls from them offering me an LDI version once and then for Swift VDI and then Beige VDI. I said no to all.
28th April when I visited the showroom I was informed my Car has been dispatched and the Chassis and Engine no. was provided so that I can inspect the car at the warehouse in Vasai. However I was late to reach there any by then the car had left for Octroi Passing. Nevertheless I got all the information from the manager at the Warehouse and I got relieved to know that my car does not have the JK tyres. I was contend with MRF Z2VK.
After Octroi, it went for registration. On 18th June, I was informed the car is ready for delivery. I took my daughter and my wife along with gifts for the sales person, his manager, loan guy and 1 extra
So after all the paperwork and photo session, we took the car. As promised by them, it came with Car Perfume - A scented hanging smiley, floor mats (black color not covering the entire area, teflon coating. I also got the anti rust done for Rs3k.
The odo showed 115km and that was understandable as the warehouse is quite far. It had some Diesel but now sure how much.

Additional Accessories:
1. Full Floor Mats + Boot Mat - Rs 1300
2. Seat Covers - 4K
3. Llumar Tints for Windows and Rear - rs.2500
4. Huberoptic Tint for Front Windshield - Rs.4000

Driving Experience so far.
As of today, it has done over 2200 kms and the experience has been simply enthralling. I really cant make out the difference between a Petrol and a Diesel engine. Its infact peppier and loves open roads. At the same time city driving is comfortable. here are some of the best things I liked about this car
1. What every indian likes - Fuel Efficiency of 18km/L right from the start in city with 80% AC is unimaginable
2. Seating position is perfect. Seats are comfortable. Doesnt make you feel tired at all
3. AC is a chiller. I have never used beyond 1
4. OEM system is great with USB, Aux, Disc, Radio. Sound quality is HS
5. DDIS Engine is a GEM. You will fall in love
6. Excellent Ground Clearance and yet car feels planted on the road

Some things could have been better too:
1. I am 5.7'' but while taking right turns. I don't get the judgement of the divider. may be its the A pillar or my height
2. Number Plates by Spectra Motors were tin material. I replaced it in couple of weeks but it had left rust
3. Rear view is not the best. Its a struggle to do reverse parking initially
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Sep 22, 2009
Many congratulations for your Swift Dzire. Do put up some nice pictures of your car.


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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Congratulations and welcome aboard to The Automotive India, Abdul. There are a few owners of New Dzire on our forum now. We look forward to a comprehensive ownership review along with some nice photographs soon. Please feel free to take some pointers from this link for more.

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Jun 29, 2010
Hi Abbeys,

Congrats for your ride. Looks hot in white. Any plans to do under body coat??? This one is kind of essential you should look at.

Ah.. pics are cool. A smile on your daughter's face would add more beauty to the snap. [:)]

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