Guidance on Buying Hyundai Verna (2017) SXO AT Diesel

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Jan 7, 2012

I have been a verna fan and i through a dealer i found the model i was looking for, Details of the car below :

Fludici Verna SXO
Automatic Variant with Sunroof
Black Color
Single Owner
49k Kms done
Service history checked no major damages or accidental repairs

Took test drive today, felt really smooth. Observations :
1. The front and rear bumper has been changed, its mentioned in the sevrice history
2. Car felt smooth quite striking in all black pics below
3. Sunroof etc seems added feature
4. Automatic transmission seems quite smooth
5. The diesel engine is peepy.

Quoted price : 10,40,000
Dealer agreed for : 9,90,000
Exchange price for my 2012 Verna 1.6 EX : 3,65,000

The dilema!
1. I have already applied for PL loan to take this beauty, but its more of the same car i have
2. Friends and at home the view is im going for the same car with changes.
3. Would taking a 2017 diesel put me at risk given the emissions norms coming in for BS6?
4. The dealer is telling me this model is in demand as they dont get many of diesel anf auto and top end!
5. Had to do a 5000 advance to hold the car whilst the loan clears.

Guidance needed :
1. Is 9.9 lacs a good deal?
2. Also for 2012 Fluidic verna crdi im getting 3.65 lacs is that a fair one?
3. SHould i just hold my verna 1.6 crdi and look into something later?

Please suggest folks i would be keen to close this in a week.


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