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Jun 19, 2010
Every time any new things enter our life we are either too excited or
downright sad.But every time you dont get all the things in the whole

package and there are some points you need to sacrifice..
hmm philosophy is fun...

I was searching for a car and i test drove nearly all the premium

except polo,micra
My comparision of the hactchbacks i drove can be found here.

why not polo?
looking at the equipment levels i was not so keen about it.
i found the design bland and the 3 pot motor was a upright no ...
icing on the cake was its price . As for me there was nothing premium

about the car other than the interiors.
Gave a call to downtown volkswagen and they blantly told he cannot

bring the car to my place and the showroom was a cool 15 kms from my

place. i dint want to risk the sparce ASS and premium attitude of the


why not micra..
only one dealer in bangalore . and i hate the rear of this car .
and i was more interested in diesel..

MY running is low as 1000 per month or so and not a avid daily user of

the car. I use ocassionally on weekend and long trips.
for rest chaotic bangalore traffic i have my beast FZ-16.

So why diesel ?
I like diesels i just love the torque, i bought the fz(notorious for

its mileage) just for the awesome low end torque it delivers.
I have driven both petrol and diesel engines and diesel are a different

league. Modern diesel engines give a tough fight to petrol counter

Things where petrol exceeds diesel.
Silent engine ..
Happy rev till redline and no lag..

Diesel are not silent even in this age with all the tech they are no

match for the petrol engines and with all the torque they still have

turbo lag..
I suppose the service,oil and maintenece bills ill be little pocket

heavy compared to petrols..

I am not considering the cheap diesel price and good mileage, because

of my running and premium i paid for the diesel. i would not break-even

even in 10 years..

You may be just thinking . Why doesnt he come to the point and tell us

which hell of the car did he buy..

So my car is the point(Punto)

Car : FIAT Grande punto 90hp
Color : Bossa Nova White
When : October 28 2010
Free Accesories : Floor mats , Reverse parking sensors
On road price Bangalore after discounts :8,02,333

I will continue with the folowing questions, ihave put myself to answer

and will be continuing shortly

1.Why punto instead of all the hatchbacks and why 90 hp?
2.How was the dealership experience? is the car , are you satisfied.
4.Hows the car behaving and how the ride.
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Jun 19, 2010
Thanks guys for your wishes,the members in this forum helped me a lot in making a decision.

I was intially skeptical about punto for the problem in spares, ass and resale
as its the deciding factor for most of the indian masses.

I test drove all the cars but the top 3 in my list was

I20 : it ticks all the drawbacks of punto i mentioned above but lacks all the good features of the punto so it was a deal breaker.
it has good service backup , resale is pretty ok and spares is easily available and has a good upscale value in the masses.
but this is a car in my books which is all show ..
except for the superb engine and upmarket interiors this car is totally a dissapointment..
As a lover of cars and love for driving pleasure this lacks all the qualities
Ill mention all the -ve comparing it to punto
1. Handling this is far the worst handling car i have driven in the lot i mentioned it never feels connected to road .. but its good for city driving.
2. Suspension its not even close to punto every single pothole can be felt inside the rear.. a little low air pressure would help but not even close to punto.
3. equipment level is very less compared to punto at the price
4. and all the niggles reported by wildon and other about the acc and steering rattle.

Next was the figo :

This gave a tough competition for the choice

its one car which offers superb value for money for the average buyer.

infact i couldnt make up my mind on both of these .

i had test driven punto 75hp and it was vey badly maintained acc was noot working parts was rattling ...
after that i had a test drive of figo and i was impressed by its handling and space infact the space is greater that punto.
I test drove it inside city and outer ring road and the power was more than enough for that type and on top of it had very minimal turbo lag.

when i asked for punto 90 hp test drive was not available
after a week the SA brought a new testdrive vehicle in BNW and i was sold .
A test drive in that and that sealed the fate.
it had awesome power(infact linear power not like i20 crdi)
and the sound insulation was so good i felt like a petrol 75hp had a booming sound but 90hp was good.
and all the other feature were inherited by 75hp like handling and suspension.

so this is the story of
Why i chose 90 hp ?
Nov 1, 2010
i dont mind congratulating you again and again.
not only because we share same ride but after reading your story i felt you are a true auto enthusiast.

almost similar was my situation which made me go for indica vista an year ago.
and exactly after an year punto 90 hp just swept me in test ride.

i never expected a small hatch back car in india like punto could go so much eagerly upto 150+ kmph and also stop as if tires got jammed(not locked).:-and that was my td experience.

wish you a happy and great experience in fiat punto 90h.

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Jun 19, 2010
thanks jaydev.

i was keenly following your thread for sometime but not posting just because i was browsing through the phone and i am not keen in typing in that..
But i am nowhere near to your writing skills , hats off to for that.
you and me share a similar taste, almost
the car the color the passion for fiat [evil]
Nov 1, 2010
you and me share a similar taste
even i feel so.

passion for fiat!!! i would like to thank one and only Raj_5004 or rajeev here in tai , whom pointed out something called fanboyism...else i was just enjoying my punto to fullest.....

the chilling ac and pindrop silence in cabin..!! made me fall in love with it.
passion for fiat developed/followed after the experiencing such a product.

infront of all such things lots of issues like bad ass,poor resale value,poor reputation et al just gets erased from mind.

i wonder are we fiatians getting hypnotised or under spell of some italian spirits/voodoo spells
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Jun 19, 2010
How was the dealership experience?
Concorde was so so when i went to testdrive..
i bought the car from prerana lalbagh road .
i was attended by saleman named sunil (a nice chap)
dint know much about the car then but was paitent enough for testdrive and used to follow up frequently.
Dint had a test drive of 90hp but he propmtly brought to my home as promised.
Negotiation was good and he was bound for that agreement ,he went ahead and made sure he got everything during delivery.
one thing missed was i had negotiaed for genuine fiat reverse parking sensor nut due to lack of availability it was swapped with a differnt brand.

Hows the car behaving and how the ride.?
had been to mysore and will be going on a drive this weekend will update the thread with all the phots and experience

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