Ford Figo: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2 Years of Stressful Ownership)

Feb 15, 2010
Re: FORD FIGO: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2yrs of stressful ownership)

@Dinesh, surely you have got a lemon.
And one question, why didn't you try Bhavana Ford earlier.
Inspite of knowing Wasan wasn't doing job well.

So sad you are facing so many problems with the Figo, i have especially sat in a Figo, never had heard such squeaks and noises.
Sep 1, 2010
Mera Bharat Mahaan
Re: FORD FIGO: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2yrs of stressful ownership)

now where did i mention good satisfactory response from dealer ?
see i have mentioned most of the points here in this thread that matter at this time. if i go on writing all of my interactions with the dealer, trust me, its that murky that you`ll feel like suing the dealer for just causing so much harrasment to a consumer although you have nothing in this case to lose or gain.

i dont say ford in all is bad or good. but with me, the car`s that defective has been served, and so were the service and promises made by ford and its dealership with regards to QC were not maintained.

my mom has paid hard earned money for this thing and i would seek a proper resolution from ford for FINAL this time. done with this whole drama for the FIGO. i lost business, time and my peace because of this car. (not sayin you ppl dont use ur hard earned money or anythin else.. just dont want this thread to become an thread filled with supporters and opposers)

no offense intented to any of you.. and if any of you feel that.. i am deeply sorry.

take care and warm regards friends. it was nice sharing this part of my automotive purchase here. funny that it was my first post here

take care again
Read your response on point number-5 and 8. To me Wasan was working as per your satisfaction level. Thus, I mentioned going legal way would not help and put dealer on the back foot to support you further. But at the same time you are the better judge and assess the situation and boiling point for you to decide when to take what step.

I am sure you would take a wise decision and get rid of your problems.

All the best.[thumbsup]
Feb 2, 2010
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Re: FORD FIGO: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2yrs of stressful ownership)

I can only understand your pain. I went through the same thing with my Alto. At least Ford is trying. Maruti guys are are bunch of idiots. The could not diagnose a single problem and yet they kept telling me that the fault was mine and the car was perfect. I suggest you try a different dealer and sort out the issues. Finally if you are so fed up just sell the car. That's what I did even though I managed to get the problem resolved. I guess you will never buy a Ford again despite what others say. And you will be perfectly justified doing it. I know a couple of Figo owners who are quite happy with the car. I know a lot a people perfectly satisfied with Maruti. That will not stop me from refusing to spend a single paisa of my money on a Maruti.
I hope you can solve your problems and keep the car for 5 years as by selling now you will loose a lot of money.
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Oct 2, 2011
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Re: FORD FIGO: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2yrs of stressful ownership)


BTW guys, If u think that you`ve not heard or read about my FIGO earlier ever a think again. Please go through the attached LINKS. There`s a link that takes you towards the partial review that I`d written for FIGO utilizing my friend`s ID and the other takes you towards my earlier nightmarish paint issue that has happened with the car.

FORD`s alarm bell rings again…

Today was no different. As per my earlier conversation with the regional manager of FORD for western division, I received a call early morning from Bhavna Ford, making me aware of another FORD engineer`s presence at their office and request me to come to the dealership with the car as soon as possible.

Simultaneously I start receiving calls from 2 guys who have come from Wasan Ford with a another FORD Fiesta, which will function as my loaner car for the day, as and when my car is being tried, tested and analyzed by the new engineer at Bhavna Ford.

I have a Talk with the Regional Manager, confirm if these are the right protocols to be followed and affirm my support for their trial, test etc. to reconfirm the existence of issues although they were already confirmed on ‘PAPER’ and signed and acknowledged by Ford assigned ‘Service Advisors’ who`d come on last Saturday for the testing and verification purpose.

Rather than asking them about the logic of doing same tests again when their own assigned Service advisors (one of them is the assistant manager for Wasan ford Deonar, Chembur) have verified already, I decided to play into their demands just to seek proper clarification and diagnosis for this issues later on.

I along with the Fiesta that has arrived at my place as a one day loan and my FORD Figo being driven by one of the guys that bought the fiesta, march towards Bhavna Ford. Mind it, that at this time I haven’t had a any breakfast or even consumed a glass of water and I`m out to work out a solution that is acceptable to me and FORD both and ends this whole strenuous episode for once and for all. Yes I Discussed Refund/Replacement, but RM notified me that FORD doesn’t do that in INDIA. But he assured me to give him a day or 2, so that he could understand what the higher management thinks about it.


While I was in the Fiesta that was being driven by someone who works at Wasan, I did end up telling him about my problems and asked him whether he has heard about the same issues, as he comes into terms with these cars on daily basis. The guy was not at all puzzled and informed me, “Yes such problem did make their way into most of the FIGOs sold in the ‘2010 bunch’ and we have found mostly no cure or solution for the same, But FORD is now trying really hard to sort atleast some these niggles in the upcoming 2012 batch of Production units of FIGO.

He still requests me to not to buy a FIGO as it’s a car that’s built to a price by FORD and naturally FORD has done some heavy cost cutting in the same; resulting in dissatisfaction of customers and way too many issues in the after sales service category of car. He also stated that such problems come in a very random manner between cars belonging to different batches of production, but for the FIRST time he had heard about a FIGO which is now equipped with all the problems that it shares with its multiple twins, in itself !

Not that inspiring huh?


He asked me to reiterate all my concerns in the new JOB SHEET once again and said now he`ll again check if any of the problem exists. I made him aware about the earlier acknowledgement which I`d taken as proof in case some of the problems notified &verified earlier just don’t resurface when tried, tested or checked for today`s inspection (just to be safe and good that I did it).

We share some more information with regards to the car and proceed with the inspection. I take the mail copy along with me that I`d sent to FORD, for my reference.

  • First I explain him the color issue, then show him how “the bubbles, pinholes, rough patches, color mismatch etc.” have still made their way back on my car, though they were rectified under warranty by Wasan Ford after repainting 56 spots on my car, under FORD`s warranty Team`s authorization and under the supervision of earlier RM, Mr.Kalra.

  • Second, I take him to the Balaji Temple Area, Nerul (for handbrake issue). The car is taken on a slope that`s not having an incline of more than 25-35 degrees max (45 degree is the threshold, ford says) that too on very balanced curve. The handbrake fails to halt the car. He himself tries then, still it fails.

    Problem is accepted to be found. So was it last time (earlier complaints) and notches were adjusted (resolution applied last 4 times).

  • We now both move on to Gears. I say it’s "Hard n rough", he says it’s like "butter n Ghee"… I show him the letter duly signed by earlier engineers of Ford, who just 2 days back, themselves confirmed that the gear shifts are hard and are not precise. He doesn’t accept the problem, I don’t accept his analysis.

  • I show him the Khas Khas sound coming from the region where the alternator belt is located, he hears the same sound, accepts the problem to be found, says he will have to find the source. I accept his thesis, because as far as I am concerned I just want it to be rectified. And if it’s the alternator belt that has failed, then to be replaced a.s.a.p.

  • We move on to Brakes being not inspiring or not precise issue. He says they are superb and are in fact rated best among other cars when compared. I simply could not gather any will to make him understand more about it, and as I have stated earlier to have accepted this issue for being a common FORD FIGO phenomenon, I leave it to him to decide.

  • Sound after Pressing Brakes and Handbrake while on flat roads and even if someone tries to sit or get out of the car when the DUO are applied each, was FOUND and accepted.

  • Horn issue is again accepted and is promised with another replacement. This car is replacements galore man, it’s like we change clothes it changes its mechanical parts!

  • Suspension Making Noise issue Found and to be worked upon with lubrication and if yet the problem persists, may be replacements of Shock Absorbers will come into the picture (will be 2nd replacement for the same then).

  • Assures me of checking all bolts of seats properly and will also check with computer assistance the 'AIRBAG safety light ON' issue.

  • CAR BOTTOMING PART (2nd most critical issue in terms of driving and ownership experience) is mentioned by me to him, I also tell him about how we conducted a 126kms survey on 1st October wherein the car THUDDED (under-chassis were hit) 6 times in a span of 6hrs and test covering areas like Thane Belapur Road, Panvel Road and some outer areas off city limits.

    says we can’t check again in such an extensive manner, but keeps on making the POINT that FORD FIGOs ground clearance is the BEST and it’s my own perception and method of driving that is affecting the under-chassis.

    I try to show him the signed letter in which the earlier testers have themselves driven the car on such speed breakers and have accepted in writing that the car BOTTOMS out on speed breakers. He still didn’t budge and I found it to be redundant to ask him to accept this issues.

Car is left with Bhavna Ford for carrying diagnosis and repairs under supervision of the engineer from Chennai. I come back home around at 3.00pm after leaving at 10.00am in morning, not eating anything be it breakfast or lunch and no water. Monday and Tuesday, both days I could not go to my office or perform any of my personal duties as I was unwillingly warranted to FORD dealerships, if I can say that.

At 7.00pm I receive a call from the current Regional Manager, that car`s ready and we believe all the problems are taken care of. That was dubiously quick I say… he says we will again have a joint test drive tomorrow (today at 11.30am) and see if the problems have gone for good.
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Oct 2, 2011
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Re: FORD FIGO: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2yrs of stressful ownership)

5th OCTOBER 2011, FORD goes all guns blazing against the consumer himself.

As soon as we reached Bhavna Ford, today it was the REGIONAL Manager`s turn who`d come especially to pacify me and prove it to me that the car is without any niggles and is in fact in the best of the state of its lifetime. I smiled at him... i asked, sir did you take the trial to see of the issues mentioned, and verify if all of them have been cleared. 'RM' agrees. I request him to conduct one more trial test in front of my eyes, so that like him (RM), i too can rest assure about the quality of the job performed.

TO my horror, the RM explains to me that he didn't actually check ‘two’ of the issues mentioned of all, in practice. I ask which two?
RM replies," Handbrake and Car bottoming out (not scraping mind you, it HITS the under chassis) with quite a good THUD on speed breakers".

These speed breakers are situated mostly on Thane-Belapur Road, Wadala (Bhakti park)-CST Road, Panvel Bus Depot Road and also the Road that I’d taken to reach Murud Janjira Fort (alibag) that is all filled with small yet very precise speed breakers created by Villagers there, where i could find my car to be the only one to be hitting the under chassis.
Within Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, You rarely get to see this affecting your day to day life on a daily basis, but if you are a highway driver like me, these above mentioned issues, can simply one day help fate in rubbing that very thin line off, that is between life and DEATH!

  • First we move on to checkthe Handbrake issue if it is rectified:

    To recreate the same scene that is similar to the location where for the first time (Lonavala Tiger hills) I’d experienced my handbrake related issue, we move on to the upward curve location that is located near Terna College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. We mutually decided that we shall both take turns in testing the same.

    We both (MR n me) or rather all 5 participants in the TEST assumed that the car when halts will be in a position wherein our FIGO has stalled on a upward curve of a slope and there`s another car that is following us.
(all happening in a duration of a few seconds)

First it was me. We accelerated the car towards the climb, halted it right at the part with brakes applied (not handbrakes yet) where it should be, for checking properly.

Showed the same to the RM. RM acknowledges that we are following right protocol for testing. Further I apply Handbrake as one would do with normal pull application intensity. As of now, my one LEG is on foot-brake and one is resting above the clutch, so that I’m ready to start shifting gears soon to get my car into motion a.s.a.p., before the imaginary car that's following us from behind, hits us on a slope (how should i put it.. trying my level best).

Please NOTE:

now if you`ll remember, if at steep slopes we have to move our car ahead once again that was once stopped, we rely solely on the grip of the Handbrake to keep the car right onto the track, while you remove your legs off from the foot-brake, place it on the accelerator while your left leg is busy playing with the clutch. in my case it was a much bit harder as when this imaginary incident for now had happened with me for real some months ago, MY engine had stalled during down shifting and the FOOT brakes had become ineffective as a result of the same. at the same time my handbrake was not working and there was a big TEMPO behind us, that cut us in the last minute leaving us space to let the car reach back onto the flat surface, so that we can then try to accelerate it again, albeit easily now.

Back to the Test: Guess what?? Even now the car starts rolling backwards. RM is perplexed, confused and I am not happy at all. RM tries to reason with me, says this is common with any of the cars in the market and makes me redo the same process 'FOUR times' before accepting or rather i should say giving a hint of acceptance that he can clearly see a problem here.

Then he tries:

He tries the same, same issue resurges, he explains to me that the notches are not adjusted properly of the Handbrake, even after being attended to, for '4 times' in last few months and recently yesterday (4th October 2011) by FORD`s authorized so called technician. I look at him and reply sternly; do not tell me why is happening or what are the technical reasons for the same. Just get it repaired before someone dies in my car. Especially for people who might not be actually aware about this issue plaguing my car and thus, reacting normally while using Handbrakes as they must (which has normal travel play and effectiveness)

To get more clarification on the issue:

We get RM`s own car which is also a FORD FIGO and I get my friend`s Maruti Suzuki swift for another retest schedule.
To our surprise, the RM`s Figo too did the downward spiral movement on halt at the slope with only handbrake applied, while the Swift with its precise hand-braking stopped right at the stop point with the HB be being with minimum force applied, like within 4-5 notches. With FORD FIGO you have to stretch to the most last notches to make it even stop. Imagine a Girl driving this car on a slope or you precisely developing the body like HULK or reflexes like Spiderman.

  • Second Issue that is with the Car`s under-chassis getting HIT (not scraped) on speed breakers:

    The RM says to me even this phenomenon is common with FORD FIGO and he can’t help me. I say SIR, if you go through my service history, only in past 2 months I have started to intimate FORD on this issue and earlier on the same roads my car used to scrape but not get HIT under chassis.
RM tries to underplay the whole episode saying again that all FIGO get hit like this on the under chassis while crossing on speed breakers. I ask him that if he`s so sure that this 'Under chassis getting HIT' issue is existing in all of the FIGO`s sold, why are they (Ford) not doing anything to resolve it. He says that it is beyond his control and FORD`s research team will take a call on it as and when they feel they must.

Fine, i said. I then requested him to conduct a test wherein 2 other FORD FIGO`s belonging to neutral parties (filled with same number of people and load) to be run over the above mentioned speed breakers... And only if all of them get their under chassis hit like my FIGO does, i would accept that this under chassis getting hit to be a natural phenomenon of the Ford`s FIGO vehicle.

He exclaims NO! All cars are different. Even if the neutral parties’ cars do not get hit under the chassis while being tested on same bumps with same load. I am not going to acknowledge that your (mine) Figo has any issue. I was left baffled by this theory. I didn’t argue. Didn’t gather the strength to do, I was tired. I regretted the very moment of time i purchased this car.

  • Third Issue of Paint Defect is acknowledged by the RM and he says he will get the car`s affected portion repainted at Wasan FORD.

  • Minor issues were attended to and rectified like: Horn Tone, “Khas Khas” sound from inside the bonnet compartment, suspension sound rectified after greasing, effectiveness of brakes, brake drums cleaned, brake calipers cleaned, etc.

Drama After all the above (FORD seems to be inspired by T.V serials I guess):

We came back to the service station (Bhavna). I and my brothers were offered tea. We were discussing amongst each other what should we do next? RM arrived there in next few minutes, greeted us and smiled pleasantly. “That was a sudden change of stance in him”, I thought in my mind, just hoping that he might have given a second thought to my complaints…

He takes out a sheet of few papers that are filled in with shabby handwriting (it was an acknowledgement letter) with some content that duly notifies the reader of the letter, that the signing person down there; agrees that the car he has received now is free of all the defects or imperfections he (I) had reported In his complaints earlier and is willing to collect the car maintaining that he is satisfied with the work done and rates the dealership in the best category for the quality of work performed.

One of my brothers quickly jumped in, asking me not to sign such undertaking and instead asked me to wait for FORD INDIA to give something in writing with regards to problems mentioned above and them being not a threat to drivability of the car, its driver and the passengers.

This made the RM get real angry… RM then interrupted my brother and asked him not to interfere between the owner of the product and the corporate designated authority when having a direct conversation.

I shot back at the RM. I reminded him that these are the people (my family members) who would actually take FORD to task, if any of the abnormalities present in the car results in causing me harm of any kind, be it physical or mental. So mind the tone in which you speak to them…

We decided to leave the place, as they were too many and were quite aggressive in their stance. We asked the RM to either get the things rectified or keep the car with them at the dealership, while I wouldn’t mind paying the monthly EMIs but I simply cant bear the tension of running a car that isn’t reliable.

After that I don’t know for what reason (even though after earlier episode and I already know that as per them the car has no fault), he has been sending me goody good SMS`s mentioning that my car is ready and I should collect it a.s.a.p and them being also willing to drop it off my home. Just for the sake of me signing that undertaking, darn WTH…
Oct 2, 2011
Re: FORD FIGO: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2yrs of stressful ownership)

Dear Dinesh,
i don't know what to say to you.. if i was anywhere near that area i would have come with you to the dealership, to support you.

i know how it feels to fight alone with the service centre. i had a horrible experience with MASS 5 years back. INDUS motors since they couldn't finish the ob properly i had to give the car at another dealership and INDUS paid the money (the other one cleared the job in 24hrs (water leaking in to cabin)) that indus failed even after keeping the car for 3 weeks.

i know this issue may be minor to others but it will eat up your time, energy money etc. i think this happens only in INDIA that the companies treat us like this way, ie; till the money is paid they are very courteous then the whole picture changes..
Sep 18, 2009
Re: FORD FIGO: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2yrs of stressful ownership)

I am reading lots of issues (Major) with Figo now a days.

I can only understand your pain. I went through the same thing with my Alto. At least Ford is trying. Maruti guys are are bunch of idiots.
Peter, most of the issues are known issues in Figo, but looks here he got all issues in one car.
Other problem is, even though its known problem, Ford doesn't have any proper solution for these, similar to steering sound in i20.
So, only option is to fight till you get a new one, looks a long battle ahead.
Aug 19, 2011
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Re: FORD FIGO: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2yrs of stressful ownership)

Dear Dinesh,
I went through the entire ownership experience of yours with the Figo and feel sorry for the defective vehicle. I wish both the car Dealers (and the employees) were true and wise enough to support consumers like you and take up the issue with FORD India rather than being dodgy and cheating you by signing "all clear" feedback documents.
I pray that :-
-your car gets "cured" soon by those doctors at Ford
-all the employees at Ford dealerships get trained how to treat and handle a customer in positive manner
-you are not charged a single penny more and repaid for harassment till now in cash or kind.(you could anyway make a strong case in consumer court with all this issues and documents)
-your and your family members travel safe.
Aug 15, 2010
Re: FORD FIGO: Story of a Defective LEMON (1.2yrs of stressful ownership)

Well dinesh, Sorry to hear about your problems. My friend also has a figo & its a nice car that never gave him problems. Its bad how the dealers & service center employees behave towards such complains. however, its true that their mechanics are worthless & they drive the customer's car like fast & furious movies. The way see it, your car is giving too much problems & a better idea would be to sell it right away[cry]
Jul 29, 2013
Hoshiarpur, punjab
So sad it is the worst story i have ever read about a car. You have great amount of patience.
If i were in place of of you ,were surely pull his tongue out for talk to me like that. [gun]
Take care of you buddy, your health is more important.
Aug 19, 2013
Even my brother is facing the Squeaking problem since long and folks from Ford have changed the suspension strut bushes twice and the problem still exists.[frustration] Looks like this may be escalated to Ford officials.

Does anybody faced this issue and got this fixed?
Oct 9, 2013
Dear All,

My figo was booked in February 2010. The booking process was quite smooth and so was the dealerships attitude(Bhavna FORD) by promising to attach at least some freebies in such a hot selling car and give me the best quote in whole Mumbai/Navi Mumbai area.

The Figo was delivered on time as it was promised, precisely on 1st June 2010. it was a birthday present gifted to me by mom.

The initial excitement of having procured my own car (though as a gift by mom) kept me satisfied with the purchase and me was happy too... albeit for sometime only !

The nightmare soon started. it was after one month of purchase in July few problems started to occur in the car. i was quite unnerved by the overall thought of having bought a car after paying such a huge sum and yet it getting little mischievous in so little time.

Took the car soon to the trusted Wasan FORD (Deonar, Mumbai) and explained them the issues that i was facing after my first month of purchase. Never knew this same "Wasan Ford dealership" would end up becoming my second home with me sharing very good love/hate relationship with their representatives based on my particular interactions with respect to the problems that simply kept on growing along with my aging car (Prematurely though!). sometimes it was cordial and sometimes it did get UGLY. not that much of a problem though, they are not robots hired by Ford, and sometimes they might have not liked their work to be focused around just one car belonging to one person, who just kept on coming with complaints (me).

Enough of the prelude...

Let me make you aware of the problem that are currently making my life much worse than hell, and sometimes also provoking me to file a legal suit against Ford INDIA for selling such a substandard product in the name of 'Value for money' proposition.

In past 18 Months, I have faced most of the complaints that i could have only accrued knowledge about after going through many different forums

let me just brief some here: (i am excluding the common FIGO issues here though, as FORD is yet to come up with solutions for them. for example, Scraping, Headlight low visibility etc.)

1: Squeaking sound from Rear portion of the car --->

it got rectified only after 5 times they performed repairs on it and failing. Replacement worked!

2: Gear Lever being too hard --->

Its still worse than their own test drive vehicle which has already ran for 30,000kms and mine is just 23,200kms old. kindly note i have been complaining about the same from the very first month of purchase. Gear Mass was lubricated last time (dont know what it is though)

3: Mist & Fog composition in Headlamps --->

Was provided replacement for the same.

4: Rattling noises from dashboard, steering area, rear seats, front speaker compartments --->

got it rectified finally but only after repeated attempts by Wasan FORD (with little screw being tightened by FORD on this matter).

5: Mis-Alignment of bumper after accident repair job performed, Paint mis-match, lots of free DENTS as gift from dealership itself, seat-belt lock was broken, pinholes formed on all paint job done, paint peeling off from car`s exterior, paint bubble formation.. they are just too many related to paint especially... --->

whenever these problems occurred and were reported, they were attended to. Some got fixed, and some i am still living with :)

6: Soft Brakes --->

Dealership is not acknowledging it, cant make them understand.
have left any hope on getting it rectified. may be figo`s are built with dumb brakes.

7: Ac Cooling not optimally --->

Got it rectified after they did some cleaning etc. I dont exactly know a technical term for that.

8: Hitch Hitch Hitch sound from space between the door and roof on driver side --->

at first, Ford simply didn't acknowledge it. most of it due to interference of Mr.Kalra (regional manager in that time) and his stern warning to the dealership to not to give in to any of my complaints, unless they are way too prominent to becomes a issue for FORD in the later period. but the dealership, at that time still performed the job on my insistence and got it rectified (yeah, wasan helped here).

9: Bad Pickupwas notified --->

ECU was reset, me still not happy with the pickup of the car, but again may be its how FIGO is built.

10: SOUND coming after pressing brakes, clutch and handbrake --->

Still exists and got it acknowledged today itself by ford SA

11: Rear washer failed twice --->

Got it replaced/repaired same number of times.

12: Water Leakage from right rear door-beadings and driver`s footwell --->

Got it repaired after 2 visits at Wasan Ford

13: Horn gone bad (twice) --->

Replaced once, will ask for the same again now

Suspensions making noise, they still do, but FORD said today the source are Handbrakes now --->

This especially happens when 2 or 3 people try sitting in the car and when they get up, somehow exerting and releasing the pressure on the shock absorbers. but still, the FORD`s SA was adamant its a handbrake cable problem and will try to rectify it next time i give my car at dealership (on monday, 3rd OCT 2011), not sure if i should give my car to them now though... also it happened earlier while going over humps..

15: Most CRITICAL one... Handbrake failure (still persists after making complaints in first few months of purchase and again numerous times and yet today it was acknowledged by FORD`s SA on 1st OCT 2011 in writing of still existing) --->

a problem so old and life threatening, somehow still finds its presence in our lives. seriously shame on FORD for this one and the brake issue.

16: Front Driver Seat had loose bolts. lost its position on its own while driving and i was freaking that close to DEATH ! --->

Bolts were tightened and it never happened again. But yeah, it still sends shivers down my spine.

Air Bag Safety Light ON --->

Happened 3 times, still does intermittently. have already sent pictures to Wasan Ford as proof. they did something they say, but still happens sometimes on its own.

18: Foul Smell from AC --->

Cleaning helped!

19: Left rear door making noise when someone sits --->

Was resolved after boiled down to the defective position of the levers in lock and the space provided in the car`s fitment for lock to attach on.

20: KHAS KHAS sound when car starts ALTERNATOR belt issue --->

no acknowledgement of the same when given for rectification, however today the FORD`s SA agreed its an fault with the alternator BELT!!!

21: My car doesn't only scrape but bottoms out the chassis with a nice thud sound --->

the car just used to scrape earlier. Now the lower portion simply hits, by hits I mean a loud thud noise comes from the underbelly of the car making it a daunting task to drive this cars thanks to the deadly combination of pathetic road conditions and ford figo's substandard quality of suspension system installed. PROVED it to the Ford`s SA and he agreed reluctantly.

Earlier he said that the speed breaker is uneven, that's why such a scathing thud on the chassis, later took him to panvel for another joy ride over humps... He clearly saw a swift and indica filled with lot many people getting over the hump easily... And ours Thumped like a bass machine. it pained me... it’s my money’s worth that`s getting thumped from below!

so in his report he writes.. One pothole was uneven (thane belapur and reluctantly write 2 as normal when i persist and ask him logic behind such theory)

21: Front right door lock has failed now --->

Can be opened only from inside, not outside. Tried opening manually and automatically... FAILED! Ford`s SA acknowledged today.

There are many more issues... Just please go through the multiupload link attached here at the end of this post.

i have attached a .zip file containing my vehicles history, a set of mails that I’d sent to ford for help, the current issue that my car`s stuck on, the acknowledgement by FORD`s SA as of today etc. etc..

somehow after having 6hrs of driving (126kms) today (from vashi to thane, then to JNPT and then to Panvel) to convince FORD`s SA of the existence of issues that I’d raised complaint for, has totally left me drained out and certainly with my above post i clearly have missed on writing with my usual flare, but what to do ? i feel like being brain-dead now !

sorry for the inconvenience guys..

Have I been served a LEMON here ?
I am not the only one it seems.

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