Ford Figo....Ownership Review (9400Km).

Jul 29, 2011
dev11 do you think it will improve for him after few 100 km
or is it the engine designed to respond in such manner ?.
@threeace777, you are asking about the FE Jayesh use to get, as he quoted given below, right? Fine!

i have a petrol version which is about 2 months old..getting just about 10 as of now..1st servicing not done yet
I hope FE will improve in due course of time, as engine will become free and his driving style will also improve to suit Figo.

Figo petrol is one weak area. You shouldn't expect it to fly from 0. Trying to do that, or pushing hard in higher gears when RPMs are low consumes a fuel a lot! Once @jayesh1582 start complementing Figo, FE he gets will surely improve. He needs to be patient to get the Figo off to its grove.

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