Ford Figo Gets New Features!!

Aug 2, 2011
I don’t think that Ford will be adding power windows on rear glasses which roll down only half way, unless they revise the design or find a way to bypass this issue.

Drive Safe,
I don't the design constraint is an issue here. The reason from Ford is, "as it rolls down only up to 60%, people may tend to keep pressing the button and which may result in early wear". I don't believe this reason to be valid. Rightly said by 350Z, its a way to bypass the issue.

And many of you must be aware of the cheap reasons (Child Safety) they even gave for having the windows rolling only 60% down...

My point is, even Toyota Liva; Mahindra Logan and few more fellows have the same constraint, yet Powered the windows. I guess, Ford is reserving this for the next facelift to hold the market.

Don't go by the number buddy. I have heard (not experienced) that the suspensions of Figo are so soft due to which the car hits the ground on the bumps & speed breakers.
May be... But can be a perception as well. I have clocked 12K now, and haven't faced any issues with GC yet. At times, I drove at places where there were no roads... with 4 people on board. Right tyre pressure and sedate driving is the key.
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