Force India to Face Legal Action!

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Aug 10, 2009
New Delhi
Media reports have earlier suggested that Force India team were concerned that Lotus had copied details of their 2009 car. Lotus now works closely with Italian wind tunnel operator Aerolab’s parent company FondTech. Force India alleged that Team Lotus’s car looked liked theirs and the tired used by Lotus team reminded of Force India.

Lotus F1 technical head Mike Gascoyne was previously employed by Silverstone-based Force India. He denied any allegations and asked Force India to talk to Fondtech as they are the common link.

In the meanwhile, Aerolab’s Managing Director Jean-Claude Migeot has indicated that Aerolab will be taking serious actions against Force India for "serious and persistent" breaches of contract.

“It is quite unusual for us to comment on negative matters but we have been given no other choice but to make public the facts after press reports in recent days suggested that Aerolab has passed on information to parent company Fondtech which enjoys a close technical relationship with Lotus F1 Racing. These rumors are designed only to tarnish the company’s reputation and professionalism and to divert attention away from the facts. The truth is that Aerolab is suing Force India for not fulfilling its obligations,” said Migeot.

Although Force India has made its allegations, it has yet to take any further action on the matter. Moreover, Aerolab is taking legal action against Force India for “not fulfilling its obligations” over a previous three-year deal which is quite unrealistic too.

Source: CTI

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