Experience at Carnation Auto, Noida Sector 5

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Aug 10, 2009
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The cost for washing and cleaning both, exteriors as well as interiors looks reasonable to me and Yeah, Don't forget it was a Tata Safari not a hatchback.

Cooldhaya, Can you tell about the Road Side assistance, Does Carnation offers such facility? If Yes, Then what all is covered?

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Oct 23, 2009
Yeah 350Z they offered that service for my Safari for a period of 6 months for a charge of Rs.100(Though we did not insist on anything like this they themselves provided this service). They gave a huge list of what all is covered but everything is covered for a maximum of around only 100km outside the city limits which i feel is purely a waste!

I don have a scanner so i will put up the details later.
Oct 11, 2013
Re: Experience at Carnation Auto, Noida

Love your car? Then don't take it to Carnation - Noida

I met with an accident and sent my car for repair to carnation Noida. They gave me a rough estimate of 80K - 90K worth of repair on my car and told me that my liability would be around 20K - 25K and the rest would be covered by insurance company. I visited them regularly to check the progress on the car and the pace of repairing the car was pathetic. I didn't loose my patience until the day when they gave me the final invoice. The total bill was generated at 1,33,000. Out of which insurance company only paid 80K. So they asked me to pay the rest, 53K and pick up my car. When I inquired about such a huge inflated invoice amount then they told me that more damage was noticed in the car once the repair work started which doesn't make sense to me at all. I should have been informed about the extra damage on the car. Insurance company showed me pictures that proved that around 26K worth of parts were replaced in my car which were never damaged and hence the insurance company rejected the claim for those parts. Now ideally if those parts were damaged, I should have only paid the depreciation amount but Carnation asked me to pay the entire amount including labour charges and taxes extra. My liability which should have been only 20K to 25K, went up to 53K (more than double). I wrote emails to Mr Jagdish Khattar who is the owner of Carnation and told him how I am being cheated by his employees. I was never informed about the extra damages on the car and pictures taken at the time of survey clearly shows that most of the parts were not even damaged. But Mr Khattar never bothered to reply back. I was given his email Id by his own employees only as if they didn't fear anything of him.
When I went to carnation to take the delivery I was horrified by looking at the car. My car's front glass was broken (it was fine after the accident). Driver's seat was bent towards left. None of the lights they replaced were working fine. Power brakes and steering were extremely heavy and impossible to use with ease.
Since there was a dispute my invoice was settled in such a way that I ended up paying 12K extra amount then what I should have paid for. Original parts were taken away from my car and replaced with very heavy and local parts (suspension kit, axle etc). I was made to pay for the replacements. I finally made the payment and took the car.
They not only stole the original parts and made me pay for the replaced ones, they EVEN STOLE PETROL FROM MY CAR. I had Rs.1500 worth of petrol in my car at the time I sent it to them and even when the job card depicts the same they told me that a lot of petrol is consumed during the repair. They gave my car back with empty fuel tank.
Now I have been driving my car for last 2 weeks and notice the following issues with my car:-
- It makes huge rattling noise when on first gear. Axle was replaced by them
- If it rains then my car's trunk gets filled with water. Full trunk was replaced in my car.
- The fuel cap doesn't open up. The pannel containing the fuel cap was replaced by them.
- Multiple scratches on the front left door (replaced by them)
- Each time I press my foot on the accelerator it makes a hushing noise.
- Brakes are too tight (they changed the break pads)
- steering is too tight (they changed the steering rod)
- Car feels too heavy to drive and gives a lot of jerks on speed breakers and on uneven roads. (suspension kit and shockers were changed by them)
- Paint quality is the most pathetic I have ever seen and rubbing on the car is uneven. My car has become two shades lighter.

Even after paying 12K extra my car still requires a lot of repair work.
I would never recommend any of family and friends to ever go to carnation ever again. My intent of writing this is to let people take informed decision before going to carnation. The funniest thing is that after I settled my invoice and collected my car they gave me free coupons for discounts on my subsequent visits at carnation :)
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