Europe Plans to Ban Combustion Cars By 2050

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Oct 1, 2009
The European Union’s governing body, the European Commission has a proposed a transportation model that bans all combustion cars by the year 2050. The very imagination of no sound cars and no emission vehicles almost thirty nine years from now seems so different due to the reason that everyone is so used to such vehicles now. It is a very thoughtful proposal nonetheless. The plan however is pretty impractical and impossible as keeping diesel powered vehicles out of urban cities would mean usage of alternate fuel which at the moment is not in adequate amount nor have any plans been formed for further extraction. The EU does believe that by 2050 this might be achieved and it has presumed to make around 50% of vehicles in Europe emission free by 2030.

Application and achievement of this goal will lead to very positive impacts on the environment and make the pollutions levels of this planet reduce significantly. Reduced dependence on oil would mean reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased jobs within EU and improved infrastructure for the economic future. If you have your own views about this target of banning combustion cars by 2050 and switching on to alternate means of transport, do make it a point to go through John Voelcker’s take on the topic at AllCarsElectric. You might also consider grabbing the European Commission’s Transport page and contribute your view which will surely be appreciated. Source: Indian Drives

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