Eighth Generation Chevrolet Malibu

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Mar 19, 2011
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The Chevrolet took wraps off its Eight generation Chevrolet Malibu by launching a teaser video two weeks ago and has shown a teaser picture of its new Mylink interface in its Facebook page.
my link interface.jpg
MyLInk in Malibu

The car will officially be launched in Shanghai Motor Show on 19th April 2011 and in upcoming New York international Auto show.
According to Chevrolet it will built in 100 countries and six continents which means there is likely hood of this car coming to India.It will replace the Holden Epica in Australia and Daewoo Tosca in South Korea and in 2012 - 13,seventh generation Chevrolet Malibu in USA will be replaced by it

Spy photo of Chevrolet Malibu
While design the new Malibu the Designers took cues from Camaro , Corvette.Details like quad rear tail lights and rear dual exhaust were inspired from Camaro.This car is also influenced by European Cars.
It will come with a new range of four cylinder with likely hood of a V6 and Seven speed DSG gearbox

Inspiration from Chevrolet Camaro (below)
camaro-concept-back.jpg 2006 chevrolet-camaro.jpg

A youtube Chevrolet teaser video-
YouTube - 2013 Chevrolet Malibu | Global Premier Teaser | Chevy Runs Deep

(source for images and related information - The automobile magazine, hot luxurycar.blogspot.com,CNET blog,)
Sep 20, 2013
2013 Chevy Malibu Test Drive

Hi Guys, rented a 2013 Chevy Malibu while visiting California for Christmas. This is a product of the US bailout of the auto industry, cars of much much higher standard than before. The Malibu is a fine product, spacious, quite, powerful, reasonably luxurious, well finished with alot of bells and whistles. I must say, I was quite surprised to find a car of this size and heft to be powered by a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine producing 190 bhp. If I hadnt looked under the hood, I would have not known. The car is fast and poised. I did find little niggling issues with bluetooth connectivity, the album art on the screen stayed the same even when the song changed (but I know GM has fixed that now) the big screen does not have nav, thats another option which I found a little silly. The panel surface is also very shiny inviting alot of finger prints. The screen lifts revealing a nifty storage area, it also reveals extremely cheap looking hinges moving the screen up and down. One of the images I have is of the panel coming out easily which is sharp, I cut myself putting it back in. Also, I love the design elements of this car, the rear tail lights are Camaro inspired, found a Mustang Parked, had to take a comparison shot. All and all, it was a very positive car, I try to pick up American cars at rentals because I want to know how they have changed. And they have. Negative quality / reliability perception remains only in the mind of the buyer, American cars have almost caught up to their Asian/European rivals which is great to see.


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