Diesel Sedan At a Budget of Around Rs.7 To 8 Lakhs (Max)

Aug 8, 2012
Thinking of looking for a nice diesel sedan with the following features:

1. Comfortable seats with leg room in front and back (we are all quite large sized in our family)
2. Mileage of around 16 km/litre in city drive and more outside.
3. Cost around 7 to 8 lakhs on road.
4. Has good solid wheel base and comfortable for long distance travel (must do at least 100 km/hr with stability and not have shudder/jitter)
5. Not much engine noise after the running in period.
6. Comes with reasonable tinted glass factory made.[;)]
Let me answer in the order you have asked:
1. TATA Manza - Acres of Space, Best in the class
2. TATA Manza - 16kmpl easy, 21+ on highways
3. TATA Manza - Fits your budget
4. TATA Manza - Very Comfortable for long distances
5. TATA Manza - 1.3 Multijet, NVH levels very low (Unlike Tata's TDI engines)
6. TATA Manza - Yes it comes with reasonable tinted glass factory made.
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Apr 9, 2011
Thanks for the suggestions, all.

It may be some more time before we go in for a new car. Unfortunately the family has voted against selling the Palio and buying something new. :(

As far as my amby is concerned, I have had some repairs done (not yet received the vehicle from the Sancheti service centre). It has cost me a bit, but it can run well for at least 1 or 2 years from now. Would be a waste to think of selling the amby now after spending so much on it.

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