Did this really happen in India. I missed out!!!

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Nov 14, 2010
Ramotswa, Botswana
Spooky newspaper in India speaks Volkswagen language


There’s actually no boundaries when it comes to creative marketing. As long as it delivers the message, who cares how? In this case, Volkswagen has done what nobody has thus far done before, in such big scale too. Readers of The Times of India heard an audio advertisement when they unfolded the print edition of the newspaper recently. What sound was that?

Apparently Volkswagen paid the publication to fit an audio chip inside the pages, or behind to be precise, that plays in an infinite loop until you close the paper. The chip appears to incorporate a photodiode, which is a photo detector that coverts light into current or voltage. Very small ones, but enough to play some simple and small audio device, like this case.

Might sound like a stupid publicity stunt on Volkswagen’s part, but somehow the reactions are thus far much positive and encouraging. Well something refreshing is always amazing isn’t it, as many curious and surprised readers in India have twitted about it. Surely The Times is also enjoying the additional cash from this stunt. I’m just waiting for the day newspapers would look like something in Harry Potter’s world. That’ll be something extremely cool.

YouTube - Volkswagen Talking Newspaper Ad
Oct 23, 2009
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Yes cjvk69 , this was about a month ago. This was even done in Hindu papers. An innovative technique from VW , they surely did capture many hearts!

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