Delay in Service By Carleley

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Mar 5, 2017
In the month of August I had signed an agreement to purchase Maruti Wagon R for commercial purpose and paid Rs. 25000/- at the time of signing the agreement I was told that I will get the delivery within 2 months or latest by third month.

In the month of octobar when I went to check the status I came to know that my documents were not even forwarded further because one of the signatures were pending which I was not informed about.
I did not make a fuss of it signed the documents and then I was assured that within the next month I will have my car so I agreed.

Next week I received the text that I will get the delivery by 15 Feb'17, I was surprised and called the executive who was dealing with my case, he checked with his head and assured I will have it by 15th Jan'17.
By this time I was really upset and had lost my faith in their commitment and from that time I have been constantly following up with them and every day I have a new excuse that my loan has not been approved due to demonetisation, banks have become strict and so on. My agreement was made way before the demonetisation and initially I was informed nothing about loan issues it was told every thing will be taken care by them.
Whenever I call to follow them my request is not even being taken seriously.

The company's Name is Carleley it is located in Seawood near the Station Navi Mumbai.

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