Custom Royal Enfield Tank Painting

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Nov 13, 2011
City of Pearls
Hey guys I have a question, I am getting a custom made tank done here, I bought another Electra tank for 2200/- & the cost of cutting the tank & making it into a 20ltr one will cost 2k as well. I got into this without a proper budget since I felt the need for a bigger tank. Now comes the main part the paint on the tank looking to match it with the Bottle green finish on my bike, the paint job will cost another 2k he said ugh which I am kind of not inclined to pay right now due to running into high costs already.

I was thinking if doing a DIY with spray paint which is available in Reliance Autozone will give a good outcome or will I just end up messing the tank altogether? Thoughts on this please? thanks in advance
Dec 13, 2011
Hi EnfieldRyder,

The DIY spray cans are of no use as they last only for a short while on bike tanks. Instead you can take any part of your bike (that has the original bottle green colour) show it to any good automotive paint seller (look for boards that say ESDEE or DUPONT or 2K) & he will give prepare & give you almost same colour paint with exact of quantity of PU Thinner & Hardener.

Take a Air compressor on rent (they provide gun too all inclusive for max Rs.150/- only & try DIY painting. This method will last longer, can provide pro finishing (depends on your interest too).

Do it in this manner
1. Clean surface with NC thinner (two types of thinner are available - PU (to mix with paint) & NC (for cleaning puposes)
2. Mix little petrol with metal primer (1:1 ratio max) & spray it on the tank. Let it dry for a few hours.
3. Skip Patti work if metal is in good shape (no dents, pitches etc)
4. Mix the green coloured paint with thinner & hardener in a seperate container for atleast 30seconds And finally spray it off on the tank.
5. Allow this to dry for atleast 1day in closed (only small ventilation allowed) room (daytime heat should cure it)
6.Buy 3M rubbing compound and generously apply it on the surface and then start rubbing using White cotton waste till it shines.
7. Mix Lacquer (also known as clear coat) with exact quantity of thinner & hardener and apply on the tank (be very careful in this step, if you mix too much thinner the whole tank colour will change)

Nothing like a DIY painted bike tank. A simple spray can paint will rub off with the slightest touch of petrol or thinner.

All the best.

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