Crayon Motors Introduces Roadside Assistance in India

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Jan 16, 2016

Crayon Motors, has announced the introduction of countrywide Roadside Assistance (RSA) service for its entire electric vehicle line-up. The company has partnered with Global Assure, a provider of health, wellness, and travel service, to offer its RSA services, which will be provided to all EVs that were dispatched from its plant from March 10 onwards. Other Crayon users can purchase this RSA at a nominal cost from their nearest Crayon dealer. Crayon Motors says that this initiative is to promote electric mobility in the country.

The company says that introduction of the RSA service will provide EV owners with the peace of mind that they will get the help they need 24x7. As part of the service, the company provides - phone breakdown support, spare key arrangements, tyre changes, ambulance assistance, message relay to friends and family, towing in the event of a breakdown, and so on. To use the RSA services, dealers/customers must register their vehicles with the brand as soon as they purchase them, and they can avail them by simply calling a toll-free number.

Crayon Motors currently offers a range of electric scooters, including the low-speed Envy and Snow+, with prices starting at ₹ 54,000.

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