Considering Buying TVS Apache RTR 180

Aug 29, 2013
Congratulations!! Post your after purchase reviews along with the photograph.

Always use Helmet while driving and safety gears while you drive it on highways.
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Nov 20, 2014
well apparently there was some confusion with tvs back then about that bike came...
but this week its coming to showroom and i will be getting it soon! pretty excited!!![:D]
Mar 20, 2012
Hi Guys,
Back after a long break. looking forward to purchase a new bike. totally confused right now as i have a budget as well as capacity and speed restrictions too, that is already been set by home minister as well as the Bill is passed with full support from all family members which states
1. Bike need to be in range of 150cc to 200cc max
2. price need to be 1 to 1.2 lacs max on road
3. Quick sprints not allowed on that bike and obviously those days are gone for me as i am 38 now ( But still love to revv hard and move fast but securely this time)
4. easily serviceable at any part of punjab, haryana and himachal (Chandigarh too)
5. Will not be used for long drives alone. (Lets See.....)

So all those points are covered with following bikes listed below

Apache 160,180,200
pulsar 180,200, 220
Hero has a new smart boy at their stable Xtreme 200 s and 200r
although impulse is also there but not to my liking
yamaha fz and fazer
suzuki gixxer
honda hornet and xblade

others are not considered as they are either higher with engine displacement or cost a bomb to me
love to get a yamaha mt 150 but price let me down

--now lets start with honda- Nice engines, pocket friendly but horrible A$$ coupled with overdone face design with same old technology and nothing new mechanically
--Suzuki is nice but 1.05 lacs for 150cc make me look for a better option
--hero stable have serious offerings but xtreme 200 and newly launched 200 s with fairing are good options
also 1.07 lacs is also a good price but hero what about performance ( Bad repo about newly developed products **Karizma ZMR, Impulse, xtreme 150, achiever)
--Bajaj Do have good product lineup, using a chetak from a long time now and the product is awesome. same goes for pulsar that i bought and used for 10 years
but modern days pulsar 200 is fast as well as pulsar 220 and 180 too. but still am i interested to buy a bike that is designed 17 years ago and still following the same design language, comon
bajaj do some changes other than great engines, make them standout with a new design language like your own dominor itself.
--TVS Diito what i said about bajaj. Nice bikes, great engine but yet again we dont need a gentle giants on steoroids, we need new generation with all new DNA, forget the racing dna and collaborate the racing DNA with on road performance and design too, as your own apache 310. do it with apache 160 and 180 also. Redesign everything right from scratch once again and yes you have the potential to do that, You already have done that in the past after fiero to Apache and that too more than a decade ago. Stop sticking to the old design language and just pump up the new life in your machines.

Sorry guys for such a long discussion, OOPS Sorry as it started to lookout for your views and ended up as my own views about today motorcycle scenario. I know these bike are the bread and butter earnings for the company but one cannot eat bread and butter continuously for more than a decade. when they will wake up? when? declining motorcycle sales for semi premium and premium motorcycles for brands like bajaj and TVS, Hero was already out of it as their business is completely on commuter bikes, and honda too is in the same league. Yamaha do have good product and Plans, suzuki need to work and improve a lot. rest you guys decide,

again which bike to purchase please suggest me.

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