Choosing a Good Motor Training School

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Sep 7, 2014
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Choosing a Good Motor Training School.​


Learning to drive is everyone’s dream and everyone wants to try their hands on it. For this the foremost requirement is attaining of the legal driving age here in India i.e 18 years. Once that is attained then the search for a good, acknowledged driving school begins. Undoubtedly, We do have a sea or rather I should say ocean of driving schools in every part of India but majority of them are either lacking knowledge or do not have proper car to teach driving. The non-availability of either of the 2 definitely impacts the enthusiasm of the learner.

Car Driving is actually no child’s play and does involve a whole lot of practice and precision at the same time. But, sadly, in most of the driving schools the trainers lack these basic 2 qualifications as well due to which the novice learner is not able to grasp the exact and right ways of driving. As a step towards corporate social responsibility there are brands like Maruti who have created their own school for learning to drive and have the needful infrastructure for the same.

However, such well equipped motor training schools are really very few and honestly not everyone has access to them for varied reasons. So, one has to majorly depend on the available options only. Even if one can’t access to these well equipped and established motor training schools yet one can set certain pre-requisites like the following before joining the driving school;

• Availability of a knowledgeable and experienced trainer who knows the importance of safe driving on road and has good amount of knowledge of the car he’ll be teaching you on.

• A well maintained learner’s vehicle is a must. The reason for me to give emphasis on this is because learning to drive is one time opportunity for everyone though at any age one can learn once he/she is 18 years. Therefore, the car you have been allotted to learn should be technically/ mechanically/ electrically well maintained. Damaged cars with faults serve no purpose and are simple waste of money to learn on.

• For women drivers, it is also very important to be secure. Women drivers should always choose a motor training school that allows a fellow passenger and teaches to drive only in day and afternoon time. Always keep the emergency contact numbers on the speed dials.

• The motor training school should always follow the rules laid down by RTO for obtaining the driving license. It is also good if one can ask from a contact in RTO about some good driving school with positive reputation.

• In terms of training fees, one should not choose on the basis of the fee structure rather based on knowledge and expertise the decision should be made while choosing a training school.

• Always ask if the motor training school conducts classes for the learners. Do always attend these classes as it definitely helps in gaining the finer points of effective driving.

• In case you are planning to buy an Automatic Car then it would be advisable to ask the training school to arrange an automatic car for learning to drive. Majority of drivers today graduate from manual transmission cars to automatic cars and for a couple of days it is difficult to get acquainted with controls and reflexes of these cars.

• When you reach to the training school it always good to have a pen and pad so if anything important is mentioned at the end of the session you can readily note. Branded training schools have this as a pre-requisite.

• Always carry your learner’s permit to drive till you get the proper and permanent license to drive.

So, with these suggestions, I hope your experience of learning to drive shall be more effective, beneficial and safe. We at The Automotive India, would like to put forward for your benefit some very effective links about motor training schools and some small yet significant practices to be followed by you at all times while being on road or on the steering wheel of the car.

Maruti Training School.

3A Driving Theorem. This needs to be followed at all times irrespective whether you are learning to drive or a good driver.

With this I would like to conclude the article and wish that everyone who learns to drive shall become a effective and good driver. Hope the article benefits you!

Best Of Luck!


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Oct 24, 2014
Re: Choosing a Good Motor Training School.

Its a very much needed thread on a forum like this. Thank you Akash. Its good to see your dedication towards the forum and i would say you are rightly addressing the concerns as when it has arrived. the other day we were discussing this topic of responsible teaching. and today you have come up with a thread on the same. as i said earlier every graduation degree should have this as a curriculum to all the students. with responsible teachers. That's when we will see a better traffic sense in the coming days. Also i have seen the maruthi's simulated driving classes they are wonderful however they are available only in the bigger cities. but those who are living in sub-urban areas i think this thread helps them in understanding how to go about choosing one. Its a wonderful effort, keep the good work going.[cheers]
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Jan 7, 2015
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Every thing starts from here, Nowadays most of the Motor Training School (not all) just teach people How To Get Driving Licence rather than teaching the Driving art, by paying certain amount (i don't know how much they are opting nowadays) they will train how to get an DL. So guys who are opting for driving school should be careful in choosing proper Motor Training School.
Thanks Akash for this much needed Thread in this forum [clap] will be really helpful.



Aug 23, 2009
Superb thread buddy, thankyou for sharing.You have rightly said its not about just getting the DL in your name without knowing the right way to drive.
Most of the driving schools would make one get the basics for which they could easily get the driving lisence in first go.Life driving school that we have here in Ahmedabad is one of the good schools till maruti schools came up, who used to give proper education,practical as well as theoritically, with driving routines in all kinds of traffics.
Also they would conduct their own exams first before one appears at RTO for lisence.
Dec 23, 2012
Is there any such thing in our country? Things will only change if the driving test changes and given the way people in charge do things highly unlikely!

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