Can I Fix Maruti 800 (1985) Headlights Without Electrical Knowledge?

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Oct 31, 2018
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Hi fellow folks,

Last year, I was able to end my long drawn hunt for a mint Maruti 800. My previous post reveals the car. Though in mint condition, headlight and wiper are not working, one wiper is missing as well, a few rusts here and there, some dents, rear view mirrors missing. Considering its age, its a gem. Engine starts with a single crank of the key, turns heads of fellow vintage car lovers, people approaches me if I am selling and things like that...

Now, I wish to fix the headlight issue myself. Being a software professional, my knowledge about electricals is zilch. I use multimeter to check the car's battery voltage, can splice wires and can do minimal electrical works. But, I am sure with the help and suggestion from my fellow TAI folks, I can bring life back to headlights and along the journey, learn a few tricks of the trade.

What do you say, friends? If you agree, please post techniques how I can fix the issue.

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