Buying Your Car On Finance – The Complete Guide.

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Re: Buying Your Car On Finance – The Complete Guide.

I'm also in the business field. And my field of business is safer than some others. Competition is there but it's healthy because the competitors are all gentlemen. Real estate business is full of problems. Everybody knows that. It's good if you want easy money but there's always a chance of losing it any time.
Haha,buddy right now I am thinking if I have added more reputation points to any other member than I did to you!!Your posts have really tough questions and satisfactory answers.(you can say thanks to me for that!![;)])

See buddy,going by your style,no business must be safer.My father is a highway contractor,I am a real estate agent+contractor(joined my father) and a lot more works but I find risk nearly equal in all of them,about the competition thing.Gentlemen are gentlemen only till they don't get chance for not-being-gentle.Am I right?
With the involvement of politics in each and every business,there is a lot more difference between what business is today and what it was some 25-30 years back.
BTW,I never expected you to say "Business money is easy and unreliable(as per last line written by you)".At least I can never expect any businessman to say those words.But its your thought,so no comments..

A business man faces uncertainity about the future. But a job isn't like that. No uncertainities there. Nobody is going to make you work without paying salary and if you lose a job you can get another one. It's not easy to keep changing businesses. I'm not here to support anyone but I want this guide to be practical.
You are right,the job rotation is quite easy but I know a higher management official of M&M who has resigned some days back ad started his own business with the words that "There is nothing in the job".And I am sure that guy used to earn quite well.
In other words,who needs to change the business when one is already running good?Business means expanding your network or say expanding your coverage per day.With the expansion in your business network you at the end get a lot more than just one business.
I made this guide practically and hence involved loan part in it,I am sure you haven't read about the role of CA and financial planning.
It looks like you have just took one point of cash vs loan buys and is just hovering around it in one way or another(don't feel bad brother).

The guy feels the urge to buy one now so decided to buy one.
Right you are,decisions taken by heart are always 'you get the urge and then you get the thing'.I can't comment on this point any more,the person is the owner and what I know is that my(I+father) income and expenses both are higher than him.So do I need to think it to that level?

People who spend money without thinking about their income will definitely regret later. The global economic recession you are talking about affected everyone including the business people. Now since you consider me as the representative of job doers, let me ask you a return question. What happened to the major business houses during that depression? Lehman Brothers Holdings, a financial services provider for more than 150 years is no longer there.
There are thousands of such examples,as I have already mentioned.Who moved with a practical approach existed and the ones who didn't are eaten up or became extinct.
Maybe Lehman brothers was a very big house,but they couldn't withstand the problem that means there was a chunk in their armor.Simple it is,there was something which was not-to-be-done,but it happened.BTW,the financial services provider came to an end only because the people who had took over-loans were unable to pay it back,right?Again,some nonsense people ate up a wise one!!!

Definition of happiness : "state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy."
Its too scientific for my understanding,let me explain happiness in desi language:
Happiness means being contented.None else..
Take it this way:-
A girl married to a labourer with no bad habits is happier than the wife of a drunkard CEO,this is my thought.

BUT, different things bring happiness to different people. For you, it might be making 9 crores from 90 lakhs and for someone else it might be buying his dream car and enjoying his time with it now.
A 25 year old guy may not be able to enjoy his life in the same way when he reaches 40. So one needs to think practically. You can keep saving money but for whom?
You are right that a person buying his dream car and running it can be happy,but my point is also same.
RUNNING the car,how the person can be happy by buying the car but is unable to run it only because he is not having enough money to run the car!!??[lol]
As I have already mentioned,keep in your budget and buy the car and you will always be found smiling.Jump your budget and laugh hard for a fortnight and after that start thinking of how to run it.Now its upon you to choose long term happiness or one-fortnight-laugh.

Keep saving money,but for whome?
Hehe,for ourselves,for our growth,for our business,for our name,for our fame and for our ambitions.Today I am ready to stop myself from buying a Merc because maybe I can buy a Bentley from that money after 4-5 circulations in market.

“Since you go where all have gone before, why do you torment your your disgraceful life with such mean ambitions, O miser? [Lat., Abiturus illuc priores abierunt, Quid mente caeca torques spiritum? Tibi dico, avare.]”
-Phaedrus (Thrace of Macedonia)
Eh,my lack of mind!!!
Please explain it buddy,I don't want to take the words another way than they are said..[:)]

We both have different sets of ideas and concepts so do other people. Let them read this informative and very relevant thread and decide on it. We have already mentioned more than enough information to all.
+100,right you are.Our ideas are different,where I insist on growing the business you insist on living life king sized...
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@TSI:This is one very well written thread and really covers a lot,though its not possible to cover every condition but the advises and calculations you presented were really very good and easily understandable.I also rate this thread a perfect 5 star.Only I don't know how to do it!!

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