Bought Maruti 800 (2003) from True Value

Oct 1, 2013
thanks . here how my talk with sales person goes

S= sales person
M= That's me

S: May i help you
M= I am looking for car around 1L
S: we have many cars around that budget
M: ok then show me
S: any particular car
M: which ever car is cheap *with smile*
S: *he looked toward my corolla* and you need car for your servants
M : *laughing* no i need for myself
S: *Bit shocked form*
M: actually i need car for my himachal factory
S: *revived from shock* i see ,Sir then i say why not go for Zen
M: What's the price
S: *pointing toward a silver Zen* its 1.30L Sir
M: *nice looking zen* hmmm i don't want to spend that much money
S : Then i think we have perfect car for you *showing me way toward back area and few walking* here you go Sir, M800 1.10L only
M : *me in shock* give me detail
S: Sir, Its 57700KM Done and 2003 Model all service has been done .

After lot of TD and checking car . i said yes and me and him went to Customer Area

S: So when will you buy it
M: Today only
S: then should get ready paper *very happy*
M: Hold you horses
S: didn't understood what do you mean
M: I mean what about discount don't expect me to buy for same price
S: *thinking* Sir,I can get you 5K discount
M: ok i will tell you straight i will pay you only 80k for this car seeing its age
S: We can't give you in that much price
M: then i will leave no use of wasting my time there are lot of cars selling at same price(actually i had no idea but i was making him feel that there price is same )
S: *running around doing some calculating stuff talking to manager* ok. Sir,Our offer 90k not less not more .
M: Sorry i am still at my 80K unless you give reason to raise it
S: *he run quickly to office and bring a file * Sir,See this we brought car for 78k and has already invested around 12k on it . SO 90K makes ok price
M: *Seeing the file checking all things company has got done on it .* Ok then my last offer 87k . If you are ok i will buy it just now .
S: Sir,We won't even getting out own profit
M: Well its your choice . Say yes and i will pay it right away
S: *in deep though and go running to manager* Ok, Sir deal fixed

I paid 87k after 1Hr and brought her home

thanks posting it right away


thanks .
I gave up idea of GV due spare parts problem and price

so right now searching for sierra with good chassis but found non till now all sierra i have have rusted chassis


TATA Safari 4X4 [evil]

Ya i am loving its performance right now .


actually M800 was also our first car long ago . sorry i don't have pic of my old M800 but you have loved it way we had done lot of small modification

actually first i didn't knew about alignment problem because bad road infront of showroom so later i saw its pulling too much toward right so i got alignment checked but now its pulling little bit toward left but but not tat much
They gave me new tire atleast seeing them they can easily go till 50k KM
i think i might have to get weight stuff to see if it fix its wobbling issue

@Mod Please add these picture in first post also add this information
I forgot to tell you guys got new Tire all 5set and New battery from maruti [evil]
Hi Mastersquall,

Amazing indeed, The conversation you had with the Tru Value Rep has yielded you a good one with good bargain. They indeed cheat a lot by quoting a lot more than its worth. But the 800 looks really good.

I bought an Estilo last year at True Value Bangalore which we bargained and was ok with the price we paid for it but now felt I should have known you earlier to get some tips on striking a deal.

Well, I am restoring my old Omni too, would appreciate if you could share your inputs on it. It's now a type 3 Omni, The link is below,

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